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How many Randstad offices are there in the UK?

How many Randstad offices are there in the UK?

With a network of 26 offices throughout the UK, we work with over 2,500 primary, secondary and special educational needs (SEN) schools each week to find immediate short-term and long-term cover for absent permanent members of staff.

Who owns Randstad Education?

Randstad Education

Type Limited
Founded 1993 as Select Education, acquired by Randstad 2010
Headquarters Luton, United Kingdom
Number of locations 19 in the UK
Key people Patrick Malony (MD), John Dunn (Marketing and Business Development Director), Lee Smith (COO)

How do I contact Randstad UK?

2nd Floor 36 Queen street London EC4R 1BN United Kingdom

  1. 020 7786 8010.
  2. [email protected].
  3. get directions.

How many people work at Randstad UK?

In 2020, Randstad had on average 34,680 corporate employees and generated revenue of € 20.7 billion.

How many employees does Randstad have?

we’re a global leader. 5,700+ internal staff in north america. managing a workforce of 94,000+ each week in the U.S. and Canada. €23.7b global annual revenue. with a presence in 38 countries.

Why should I join Randstad?

There are a lot of different benefits that working with Randstad can bring to your business. We provide total talent solutions, from staffing all the way up through strategic support for areas like employee engagement, retention and workforce management.

Who is Randstad just eat?

Just Eat has turned to Randstad to contract 6,000 of its riders and drivers working across six UK cities and is using staffing firm Stuart to provide couriers in two more. Other delivery services have also been using third party staffing firms to supply extra workers during peak times.

Who owns Randstad agency?

It was founded in the Netherlands in 1960 by Frits Goldschmeding and operates in around 39 countries. Randstad NV is listed as RAND on the AEX of Euronext Amsterdam. Founder Frits Goldschmeding is still the biggest shareholder….Average number of own staff in 2017.

Global businesses 5,880

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