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How much do Eric Ravilious original paintings fetch?

How much do Eric Ravilious original paintings fetch?

Eric Ravilious’s work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from 73 USD to 412,700 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Since 2001 the record price for this artist at auction is 412,700 USD for Wiltshire Landscape, sold at Christie’s London in 2014.

Is Kiran ravilious related to Eric Ravilious?

Kiran Ravilious is a designer and printmaker who married Eric Ravilious’ grandson, Ben Ravilious. The beautiful, muted palettes of her designs remind me of Eric Ravilious’ artworks, and I love the hint of the tropics that is incorporated into her work in celebration of her own heritage.

Where was Eric Ravilious born?

Acton, London, United KingdomEric Ravilious / Place of birth

Where can I see Eric Ravilious?

Imperial War Museum
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa TongarewaWellington
Eric Ravilious/On view

Who is Kiran ravilious?

Kiran Ravilious is a pattern designer who uses the old fashioned technique of lino printing to develop her designs for textiles and paper goods. Established in 2012, her designs have a hint of the tropics to them as she was raised in Singapore.

How many children did Eric ravilious have?

three children
In the same year he married Eileen Lucy “Tirzah” Garwood, also an artist and engraver, whom he met at Eastbourne College of Art. They had three children: John Ravilious (1935–2014); the photographer James Ravilious (1939–1999); and Anne Ullmann (1941– ), editor of books on her parents and their work.

What happened to Eric ravilious?

Ravilious was an official war artist in World War II and received a commission as a Captain in the Royal Marines. He was killed in 1942 at the age of 39 while accompanying a Royal Air Force air sea rescue mission off Iceland that failed to return to its base.

Where did Eric ravilious live?

HammersmithEric Ravilious / Places lived

Was Eric ravilious an official war artist?

Eric Ravilious was one of the first official War Artists to be appointed by the War Artists Advisory Committee (WAAC) in December 1939. Established by the Ministry of Information, the WAAC was a government body which commissioned artists to record the events of the Second World War.

Where did Eric ravilious work?

Throughout 1938 and 1939, Ravilious spent time working in Wales, the south of France and at Aldeburgh to prepare works for his third one-man show, which was held at the Arthur Tooth & Sons Gallery in 1939.

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