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How much does a Gama Goat weigh?

How much does a Gama Goat weigh?

7,300 pounds
Description. The Gama Goat was 226.6 inch (5.76 m) long; had a curb weight of 7,300 pounds (3,300 kg); had a payload capacity of 2,900 pounds (1,300 kg); and was powered by a Detroit Diesel 3-53 three cylinder, two-stroke engine that produced 101 hp (77 kW) at 2,800 rpm with a 159.3 in³ (2,610 cc) displacement.

Who designed the Gama Goat?

The “Gamma Goat” – earning its name from designer of the articulated joint, Roger Gamount, coupled with the excellent climbing qualities of a wild goat – entered the US Army inventory in 1969 with deliveries ending in 1973 (under the formal designation of “M561, 6×6, Tactical, 1-1/4ton Truck”).

What engine was in the gamma goat?

Detroit Diesel 3-53
The Gama Goat is a six-wheel drive semi-amphibious off-road vehicle originally developed for use by the US military in the Vietnam War….Gama Goat.

M561 Gama Goat
Height 91 in (2.3 m)
Crew 1
Engine Detroit Diesel 3-53 160 cu in (2.6 L) Diesel I3 101 hp (75 kW), 217 lbf⋅ft (294 N⋅m)
Suspension Wheel 6×6

What is a military Humvee?

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) is a lightweight, highly mobile, high-performance, diesel-powered four-wheel drive, air-transportable and air-droppable family of tactical vehicles.

How much is a gamma goat worth?

Overall, some 14,274 Gama Goats were built at a cost of US$8,000 each (1965 dollars; equivalent to $68,790 in 2021); this was considered quite high at the time.

What type of engines are in Humvees?

V-8 engines
Most Humvees come with 6.2 or 6.5-liter V-8 engines. But as more trucks are outfitted with bolt-on armor protection packages—which typically weigh 1,800 pounds—the engines, transmissions and suspensions take a beating, resulting in vehicle failures.

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