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How much does a US visa interview cost?

How much does a US visa interview cost?

Costs paid at the cashier located inside the Consulate (per person):

Description Value(US$)
Immigrant Visa interview and processing fee (processed on the basis of an I-360 petition, DS-117 or DS-1884) $205.00
Diversity Visa Lottery $330.00
Returning Resident application (form DS-117) $180.00

Do you have to pay for visa interview?

At most locations, you should make arrangements to pay your fees before your interview date and time by following the instructions of the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where you will be interviewed. A few U.S. Embassies and Consulates collect fees in the consular section at the time of your interview.

Where can I pay for US visa interview?

Visit the U.S. Embassy or Consulate website where you will be interviewed for country-specific instructions.; Pay the visa application processing fee. Review country-specific instructions on the U.S. Embassy or Consulate website.

How do I pay for US visa fee?

Where and how to pay the fee?

  1. Bank Electronic Payment via NEFT. Most bank in India, support NEFT.
  2. Mobile Payments IMPS. Payment by Mobile Phone: Applicants can also pay their visitor visa fees through their mobile phone using the IMPS system.
  3. Over the counter Cash payment at CitiBank or Axis bank.

How do I pay my US visa fee?

What is MRV fee for US visa?

The Machine Readable Visa fee (MRV fee) is $160. Depending on your country’s policy on fees for U.S. citizens, there may also be a reciprocity fee.

How much do you pay for a US visa?

To book the interview for USA visa the following fees must be paid: Application fee: $231.98 (+HST) US Government fee: $160.

How can I pay US visa fee?

The most convenient payment method for your nonimmigrant visa application (NIV) fee is online with a debit card.

  1. Once you log into your profile and while on the payment screen, you can select to pay using a debit card.
  2. After you pay the visa application fee, print your receipt for your records.

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