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How much does a Valrhona FEVE weigh?

How much does a Valrhona FEVE weigh?

A: Each feve weighs 3gr.

What is Valrhona dulcey?

DULCEY® 35% is a smooth and creamy chocolate with a velvety, enveloping texture and a warm, Blond® color. The first notes are buttery, toasty and not too sweet, gradually giving way to the flavors of shortbread with a pinch of salt.. 1kg bag – 2lbs 2oz. Gluten-free. This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K – Dairy) …

How much does a chocolate FEVE weigh?

Fève (pronounced f-eh-v) means “bean” in French, and since you need cacao beans to make chocolate, it makes sense. These chocolate coins are created to be approximately 3.8 grams each and carry the Valrhona seal.

What type of chocolate is Valrhona?

dark couverture chocolate drops
Dark chocolate for professionals Professional chocolatiers and pastry chefs can use dark couverture chocolate drops (or fèves, as they are known at Valrhona). This cocoa butter-enriched product is smoother, making all kinds of chocolate recipes possible, including bonbons, confectionery, ganaches and chocolate mousses.

What is Feves chocolate?

Jivara 40% Milk Couverture Chocolate Feves Jivara is an exceptional milk chocolate with pronounced cocoa notes, which harmonize perfectly with notes of vanilla and a malt finish. Optimal applications include crémeux & ganaches, and works well with coating, molding, bars, mousses, ice creams & sorbets.

What is drop chocolate?

Chocolate drops come in small rounds of the same size, each usually weighing 2g. At Valrhona, we call them “fèves” and they weigh 3.8g. They are also called “drops” because they are round and flat. Other names, such as beans or chips, refer to slightly differently shaped chocolate.

What does dulcey mean?

It’s often described as too sweet or not “real” chocolate; in fact, many white chocolate products contain additives like palm oil and artificial sweeteners. However, caramelized white chocolate, aka Dulcey, aka blond chocolate, is a wonderful revelation.

What goes well with dulcey?

The manufacturer recommends pastry chefs use Dulcey for moulding and making patisserie or bonbon ganache. The product pairs particularly well with caramel, coffee and hazelnut as well as yellow, mildly acidic fruits such as mangos, bananas and apricots.

What is a chocolate Feve?

Chocolate féves are the flat, wide disks of chocolate recommended by Jacques Torres for this new “perfect” chocolate chip cookie recipe.

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