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How much does it cost to replace a truck bed panel?

How much does it cost to replace a truck bed panel?

It can cost over $2,000 to replace a truck side bed panel. The panel itself usually runs between $800 and $1,000 and there are additional labor fees to remove the bed and install the new panel. Labor fees can vary depending on the shop, so call around and get a quote for your car body repair to get the best price.

How do you fix a rusted side of bed?

Here’s a brief overview of the process.

  1. Prep The Area.
  2. Remove The Rust With Wire Brush Wheel.
  3. Sand Down The Remaining Rust.
  4. Wash Off The Dust & Sediment.
  5. Use A Chemical Rust Remover Or Rust Restorer.
  6. Weld Any Needed Patches & Paint The Truck Bed.
  7. Apply Body Filler.
  8. Sand The Patch Down Smooth.

Do Ram trucks have rust issues?

In fact, Dodge and Ram issued a recall that affected almost 300,000 trucks between model years 2009 and 2012 for rust-related safety problems. According to The Car Connection, metal straps used to attach fuel tanks in Ram trucks were corroding in salty conditions.

Do truck beds drain water?

The ridges of a truck bed serve several purposes. Water flow is one of them. Since water always takes the path of least resistance, it will flow to the lower portion of the channels. From there, it will either flow to the drain holes in the front or flow to the back of the bed and drain out under the tailgate.

What are the slots in my truck bed for?

The round holes in the bed sides in the area of the stake pockets are for securing items into the stake pockets, but also can simply be used to run a rope thru for securing a load quickly.

How much does it cost to replace the bed side?

You can buy southern rust free beds for ~$1500. You should be able to get a new OEM bedside for under $ 400.00 ( shop discount rate ) If your close to Dallas TX I can help you out with parts , or maybe order it where you can pick it up in your area .

Can I pull a panel off of a box bed?

No idea. But a salvage yard isn’t going to let you pull a panel off of another box. They will want you to buy the whole bed. Your best bet is probably going to be buying another bed the same colour. You can buy southern rust free beds for ~$1500.

How much does it cost to repair a broken side panel?

Them you can pull held a new one in place or use 3M panel bond for a quick no weld repair and no worries about rusting from the repair . By the time you were to get a repair panel, have it installed, painted, you’d be in it for more than $2000.

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