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How much is a Bentley Azure?

How much is a Bentley Azure?

A: The lowest recorded sale price was $32,250 for a 1997 Bentley Azure Convertible on May 29 2020. Q: What is the average sale price of a Azure? A: The average price of a Azure is $70,109.

How many Bentley Azure were made?

A car of this name and type was Bentley’s flagship from 1995 until 2002; 1300 were made. But although the old Azure was an elegantly cut-and-shut Continental coupe related to the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit that dates back to the 1980s, the new one is based on the current Arnage sedan.

What is a Bentley Azure?

The Bentley Azure is a four-seater convertible grand tourer produced by British automobile manufacturer Bentley Motors. The first version debuted in 1995 on the Bentley Continental R platform and was made until 2003. After a three-year break, a completely new version debuted in 2006 and was produced until 2009.

How much is a Bentley Brooklands?

About the Bentley Brooklands

Coupe Original MSRP/Price Engine
Brooklands 2dr Cpe $340990 8 Cylinder Turbo

Why did Bentley stop making Mulsanne?

Bentley has finally halted production of its aging flag-bearer, with a final special edition model that celebrates the saloon’s history. Bentley has officially ended production of its Mulsanne luxury saloon, following a temporary extension of the car’s lifespan due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What is a Rolls Royce Wraith?

The Rolls-Royce Wraith is a full-size luxury car/grand tourer manufactured by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and based on the chassis of the Rolls-Royce Ghost, shares its name with the 1938 model by the original Rolls-Royce company. Rolls-Royce Wraith. Overview. Manufacturer.

How long does a Bentley last?

The drivers who come to Bentley Austin only want the best of the best, but what is good mileage on a used car? Although one used to be able to say that no car with more than 100,000 miles could be a good investment, today’s models are apt to endure for up to 200,000 miles or longer.

When did the Bentley Azure come out?

Volkswagen purchased Bentley from Vickers in 1998 when the Azure had been in production for three years. Volkswagen executives decided to keep the then-current Azure in production until 2003, then introduce its successor at a later date. Production of the new Azure began for the 2006 model year.

What kind of convertible is a 1998 Bentley Azure convertible?

An exquisite Azure convertible with highly desirable Mulliner options finished in a gorgeous combination of Black Garnet metallic over Tangier tan hides and Wildberry… More 1998 Bentley Azure Convertible The Bentley Motor Company was founded in 1919 and located in Northern London. They would go on to be… More

What is the difference between the Bentley Arnage and azure?

Since its debut in 1998, the Arnage conveyed an air of sophisticated understatement as the four-door flagship of the Bentley range. The Final Series production was a celebration of the Arnage era with a limited production of just 150 cars. The Azure is a convertible that was unmatched, in performance and potency and one that is truly evocative.

How many km does a 2007 Bentley Azure have?

We have a splendid 2007 Bentley Azure available. With only 34,702 km on the clock this car is in brilliant condition. The second generation of… More Offered here is a extremely rare 1998 Bentley Azure Symbolic Edition with only 28,000 original miles, number 3 of 7 produced.

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