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How much is a bus from Boston to Springfield?

How much is a bus from Boston to Springfield?

The best way to get from Boston to Springfield is to bus which takes 2h 30m and costs $17 – $24.

Is there public transportation in Springfield MA?

PVTA is a public transportation provider in Springfield, MA which operates Bus routes. The PVTA has 46 Bus routes in Springfield, MA with 1730 Bus stops.

Is there a train in Springfield MA?

Springfield Union Station is a train and bus station in the Metro Center area of Springfield, Massachusetts. Constructed in 1926, Springfield Union Station is the fifth-busiest Amtrak station in the Commonwealth, and the busiest outside of Greater Boston.

What is the phone number for Peter Pan bus?

(800) 343-9999Peter Pan Bus Lines / Customer service

Is there a commuter rail from Springfield to Boston?

SPRINGFIELD — A commuter train trip from Springfield to Boston could take between 80 and 105 minutes, but only if the state builds a new rail line along the MassPike and connects it to historic Springfield Union Station and Worcester Union Station.

How much is an Amtrak from Springfield to Boston?

The best way to get from Springfield to Boston is to train which takes 2h 28m and costs $28 – $40.

Is MBTA public or private?

public agency
The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (abbreviated MBTA and known colloquially as “the T”) is the public agency responsible for operating most public transportation services in Greater Boston, Massachusetts.

When did Springfield station open?

2 December 2013
Springfield Central railway station

Springfield Central
Opened 2 December 2013
Electrified Yes

Does the MBTA go to Springfield?

The only existing east-west train traffic through Springfield is Amtrak’s Lake Shore Limited: One train east a day and one daily train west from Boston to Chicago.

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