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How much is the milkmaid painting worth?

How much is the milkmaid painting worth?

The first painting by the Dutch master Johannes Vermeer to come to auction in more than 80 years — and one that for decades has been suspected of being fake — sold for $30 million Wednesday night at Sotheby’s here.

Why is the milkmaid famous?

The Milkmaid is one of Vermeer’s best-known paintings. In this work, he once again captures a scene of everyday life. However, The Milkmaid is different to similar works by Vermeer: instead of an elegant, affluent young lady at leisure, we see a sturdy maid at work.

Who was Vermeer’s wife?

Catharina BolnesJohannes Vermeer / Wife (m. 1653–1675)

Johannes Vermeer was born to Reynier Jansz, who was a weaver producing a fine satin fabric called caffa and was also an art dealer. The family was sufficiently prosperous. Vermeer later married Catherina Bolnes, a young Catholic, with whom he had 15 children (four died in infancy or childhood).

Why is it called Milkmaid?

The woman would have been known as a “kitchen maid” or maid-of-all-work rather than a specialised “milkmaid” at the time the painting was created: “milk maids” were women who milked cows; kitchen maids worked in kitchens.

What does the milkmaid symbolize?

Meaning of The Milkmaid Studying the iconography of the painting, it seems to be Vermeer’s way of paying tribute to the virtues of temperance, purity and hard work.

Who painted the milkmaid?

Johannes VermeerThe Milkmaid / Artist

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