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How much is the textile industry worth in Turkey?

How much is the textile industry worth in Turkey?

12.9 billion dollars
The Turkish textile industry, the world’s 5th largest textile exporter, reached the highest record of all time with an export value of 12.9 billion dollars with an increase of 33.2 in 2021. The industry has experienced an increase in exports in approximately 85% of the more than 200 countries and regions it exports to.

What textiles does Turkey produce?

Turkey has abundant availability of cotton as a traditional cotton growing country. This extensive growth of cotton provides a main advantage to its textile sector through uninterrupted supply of quality cotton, which is the main raw material required for textile industries.

How many clothing factories are in Turkey?

Turkey’s textile and apparel industry continues to show signs of growth with over 20 thousand textiles manufacturers and 52 thousand clothing manufacturers all over the country.

What is Turkish textile?

The Turkish state classified all textiles into three groups of cotton, wool, or silk. This was important due to the fact that most cotton and wool textiles in the 15th through the 17th centuries were imports. Cotton was obtained from India, and wool (mainly used for soldier uniforms) came from Europe.

How many people work in textile industry in Turkey?

The Turkish textile and ready-to-wear industry currently employ more than one million people. The textile industry and its supporting sub-sectors now employ a total of 1.67 million people, and this number will increase in the coming years due to additional investments and increased exports.

Is Turkey known for textile?

With a long history of textile manufacturing dating back to the Ottoman Empire, Turkey remains an important country in the global textile and apparel industry. In 2020, the country ranked as the fourth largest exporter of textiles worldwide, accounting for almost 3.3 percent of all exports.

What is the best clothing manufacturer in Turkey?

Top Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey

  • Eleven Athletics.
  • Berke Global Tekstil.
  • Brands-Atelier.
  • Fleksib Dis Ticaret.
  • Too Fabric.
  • Zenen Tekstil.
  • Enso Textile.

Where are clothes made in Turkey?

Responsible for a large proportion of total export, garment production can be found in almost every region and city of Turkey, with Istanbul leading, followed by Denizli, Izmir and Bursa. Turkey’s apparel and garment exports are expected to continue to grow in the future.

Who is the 2nd largest exporter of apparel?

With an export value of $38.99 billion, Germany follows China as the second-largest exporter of textiles in the world.

Does Turkey have good fabric?

Turkey has the potential to produce almost any type of fabric to be used in ready-to-wear, home textile, upholstery fabric, and other technical applications (especially natural cotton fabric ). Most of the fabric production in Turkey is obtained from the cotton plant.

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