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How rough is the Dempster Highway?

How rough is the Dempster Highway?

The Dempster Highway is not as bad as some people make it out to be. However, it still requires some planning and safe driving. Read over our tips above and decide how you want to prepare for the journey. It’s about 400-km to Eagle Plains and then another 300-km or so until you reach Inuvik.

How much of the Dempster Highway is paved?

The Dempster Highway is unpaved except for the last 10 km before Inuvik. The road is mostly gravel.

Is there cell service on the Dempster Highway?

Is there cellular service on this highway? – Dempster Highway. “Is there cellular service on this highway?” It depends on which mobile phone company you have. Mine is Telus, so in some areas near Peel River crossing, in Fort McPherson, the MacKenzie River crossing, in Inuvik and in Tuktoyaktuk have phone signal.

Can you drive RV on Dempster Highway?

Not to mention well-maintained, yet remote campgrounds and rest areas? The Dempster Highway is ready to host your next camping or RV adventure.

How long did it take to build the Dempster Highway?

Or drive 229 miles/369 km to the approximate half-way point on the Dempster Highway at Eagle Plains Hotel, overnight and return. Construction of the Dempster Highway began in 1959, and was completed in 1978, although it did not officially open until Discovery Day weekend in 1979.

Can I camp in Tuktoyaktuk?

Camping in Tuktoyaktuk Overnight parking for RVs and campers is available in Tuktoyaktuk at The Point. Please note that there are no power or water hookups at this location so ensure that your RV is prepared to be self-contained during your visit.

Why is Dempster Highway closed?

Sections of the Dempster Highway close seasonally for approximately 6 to 8 weeks in the Fall when the Peel and Mackenzie Rivers freeze and again for 4 to 6 weeks in the Spring when they begin to thaw making Inuvik accessible only by air during those times.

Do you need 4wd Dempster Highway?

Although four wheel drive is not required to drive the Dempster, it is certainly a benefit if you take the opportunity to explore backcountry camping. Four-wheel drive will also be helpful when the highway turns into mud. An extra jerry can of fuel is a must for this trip to ensure you arrive at the next fuel stop.

Can you drive an RV to Inuvik?

As noted above, spring and fall travelers to Inuvik should check first to be sure the ferries are operational. Although some RVers do drive the Dempster in their RVs, I suggest leaving your motorhome at a campground in Dawson City and using a towed vehicle.

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