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How thick is bare bright copper?

How thick is bare bright copper?

Bare bright copper wire is defined as clean, bare, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire, not smaller than No. 16 gauge wire. Bare bright also should be free of copper tubing, burnt copper wire and nonmetallics.

How can you tell bare bright copper?

As reflected in the name, bare bright copper has a shiny, light-orange hue. To be classed as bare bright copper, the wire must be 99 percent copper and completely free of coating, corrosion or other impurities. Wire must be at least 16 gauge to qualify for this categorization.

What is #1 copper bare bright scrap?

#1 Bare Bright Wire will come out of many cables and wires like insulated copper cable, THHN wire, and insulated copper wire. #1 Bare Bright Wire should be free from paint and heavy corrosion. Also be sure to separate your #1 Bare Bright Wire from your tin-coated copper wire, which will have silver outside.

Is bare bright copper pure copper?

Bare bright copper. The most valuable type of copper wire, bare bright must meet several criteria, including 99% pure copper composition, a minimum of 16 gauge, and a lack of insulating materials.

What is bare bright copper wire?

What is bare bright copper wire? Bright copper wire is the type of cable that consists of bare uncoated copper wire. Where is this wire found? It is widely used in various industries, such as in electrical and plumbing businesses. Usually it is found inside of thick electric cables in a variety of electronic devices.

Can you make more money with bare bright copper?

Bare bright cannot be green or have heavy corrosion on it. Once it is it will be downgraded. Bare Bright should not be mixed with any other type of copper if you want the top price. All of these quick tips are going to help you make more money with you scrap as well as make sure that you are able to learn about copper even better.

Can you burn bare bright copper wire for scrap?

Everyone is looking to cash in copper, especially bare bright. With such a high scrap price you want to be able to always make sure that you have the cleanest material possible before you sell. Bare bright wire should not have any plastic on it and should never be burned. Here are a few other quick tips:

How do I get rid of my bare bright copper?

Or if you have a larger quantity of Bare Bright Copper, you can request a scrap metal pick up or container service with a local scrap yard. Simply find them through the iScrap App and request the size and type of scrap metal container you are looking for. Be sure to also ask the scrap yards for the latest copper scrap prices.

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