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Is a LEEP the same as a colposcopy?

Is a LEEP the same as a colposcopy?

Colposcopy is a noninvasive procedure where a device similar to a microscope magnifies your cervix to make abnormal growth easier to see. LEEP is used to diagnose and treat cervical dysplasia and conditions like genital warts and polyps.

What is a colposcopy procedure?

A colposcopy is a test to take a closer look at your cervix. The cervix is the opening to your womb from your vagina. A colposcopy is often done if cervical screening finds changes to your cells that are caused by certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV). These changed cells can turn into cervical cancer cells.

Is LEEP worse than colposcopy?

Results: The total concordance between colposcopic biopsy and LEEP was 41.9%. The rates of finding a more serious lesion than in colposcopic biopsy with LEEP (underestimation) for negative, Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN) 1, CIN 2, and CIN 3 were calculated as 100%, 12.8%, 14.8%, and 3.9%, respectively.

Is LEEP and cone biopsy the same?

What is a LEEP or cone biopsy? A cone biopsy is a surgical procedure to find and treat a problem in the cervix, particularly if the abnormality extends into the endocervical canal. LEEP refers to a specific technique for doing the cone biopsy.

Does LEEP clear HPV?

Although LEEP does not completely eradicate HPV infection, our results indicate that most HR-HPV infections are cleared after LEEP with negative margins. The clearance rate is increasing gradually after surgery. Our persistence rate was 40.9 % at 6 months, 20 % at 12 months and 11.8 % at 18 months.

How long is LEEP procedure?

During a LEEP, a thin wire loop is used to excise (cut out) abnormal tissue. Your cervix is then cauterized (burned) to stop any bleeding. The area usually heals in 4 to 6 weeks. The procedure will take about 10 minutes.

Do I still have HPV after a LEEP?

Is a colposcopy the same as a Pap smear?

A colposcopy is a test that is typically performed after an abnormal Pap. The two tests are similar in nature, however, the biggest difference is that a colposcopy also uses a magnifying instrument to help the physician get a closer look.

Is colposcopy considered surgery?

What is a colposcopy? A colposcopy (kol-POS-kuh-pee) is a method of examining the cervix, vagina, and vulva with a surgical instrument called a colposcope.

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