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Is Apollo Bay worth visiting?

Is Apollo Bay worth visiting?

A BEACH TO YOURSELF Apollo Bay Beach has consistently been voted one of the best beaches in Australia, and it’s not hard to see why – it’s perfect for swimming and surfing, with steady waves that grow in size as you head north away from the Harbour.

What is there to see between Lorne and Torquay?

Top 10 things to do at Lorne on the Great Ocean Road

  • Airey’s Inlet and the Split Point Lighthouse.
  • Torquay, Bells Beach and the Rip Curl Pro.
  • Falls Festival and other Lorne Festivals.
  • Teddy’s Lookout.
  • Erskine Falls.
  • Cape Otway.
  • Kennett River Koala Walk.
  • Great Ocean Road Wineries.

What is happening in Lorne this weekend?

Events this weekend in Lorne, Australia

  • Art After Dark – art exhibition, live music, wine and finger food.
  • Anglesea Art Exhibition – Entry.
  • Gaz and Jen – Free Live Music at the Brewhouse.
  • Cam Henderson & Steve Kucina – Free Live Music at the Brewhouse.

What is there to see between Melbourne and Apollo Bay?


  • Bells Beach. Check out the waves at Bells Beach, one of Australia’s famous surfing beaches and home to the Rip Curl Pro held every Easter.
  • Kangaroo Tours at the Anglesea Golf Club.
  • Australian National Surfing Museum.
  • Great Otway National Park.
  • Cape Otway Lightstation.
  • Wildlife Wonders.
  • Chris’s Restaurant.

What is Apollo Bay known for?

Thanks to its status as a traditional fishing village, Apollo Bay is renowned for its dedication to seafood, and there’s even a festival that caters solely to this cuisine in February. For music lovers there’s the Apollo Bay Music Festival in April, which is one of Victoria’s biggest events.

Where are glow worms in Victoria?

Melba Gully
For Victoria, you can see them in Melba Gully, Great Otway National Park, VIC, where they can be found along the walking track at night. Those in Queensland can catch the worms in two places, one being Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast, QLD. These worms live in purpose built caves as part of a breeding program.

What is there to see between Geelong and Lorne?

13 Must-see places across the Great Ocean Road region.

  • Hopetoun Falls, Otways.
  • The Grotto, 12 Apostles Coast.
  • Loch Ard Gorge, 12 Apostles Coast.
  • The Redwoods, Otways.
  • Marriners Lookout, Apollo Bay.
  • Whale Watching in the West.
  • Lower Kalimna Falls, Lorne.
  • Can you swim at Erskine Falls?

    You can’t actually do much swimming at tha Falls, you might be able to wade in the water. Many people leave the platform to take pictures and there is no evidence that that is prohibited.

    What is on in Lorne Victoria?

    What’s On

    • Be The Mountain: Tenzin Choegyal. June 12, 2022 – June 12, 2022.
    • Susan Sutton Artist: Lorne, A 20 Year Retrospective. June 10, 2022 – June 13, 2022.
    • Committee For Lorne Community Luncheon. June 10, 2022 – June 10, 2022.

    What is the best section of the Great Ocean Road?

    Is Port Campbell worth visiting?

    Diving – When the sea is calm, there is excellent wreck and reef diving off the Port Campbell National Park. Fishing – Popular spots include Curdies Inlet, Gellibrand River, Newfield Bay and the Port Campbell Jetty. Canoeing – The Gellibrand River is ideal for canoeing with access from the picnic ground at Princetown.

    Is Apollo Bay Nice?

    A seaside village nestled in the foothills of the Otways, Apollo Bay is one of the most beautiful stops along the stunning coast reached by the Great Ocean Road.

    What is the best time to see glow worms?

    between December to March
    Glow worm season is during the warmer months of the year, between December to March. They are usually found in wet habitats, so caves and rainforests are usually the places that these little organisms tend to dwell in.

    Can you swim in Trentham Falls?

    So no, you cannot swim at the base of Trentham Falls nor can you access the falls themselves. Those whom are experts have determined that the erosion, weathering & constant stream of visitors have caused the paths & surrounding rock structures to become hazardous to life.

    How much does it cost to drive the Great Ocean Road?

    Entry fee: $37 for adults; $19 on weekdays, free on weekends and holidays for children aged 4–15; free for children aged 3 and under; $33 for seniors (must present ID on entry).

    What is the best part of the Great Ocean Walk?

    Cape Otway to Aire River (10km / 4 hours / Medium) The walk from the Cape Otway to Aire River begins with a varied path through sand dunes, coastal scrub, and along cliff tops! This particular section of the trail is simply one of the best along the Great Ocean Walk.

    What should I wear to glow worm cave?

    Please wear casual clothes and comfortable walking shoes. Please bring a light jacket in cooler months. Can I photograph the glow worms?

    Can you go to the glow worm caves at night?

    Tours in national parks are run only at night time, by companies which pick you up and drive you to the site and guide you through the park at night time to see the wildlife. Glow worms are not always visible in the wild, but sightings are guaranteed at our site.

    Can you swim at turpins falls?

    The base of the falls is a lovely spot to swim, with easy walking access into the water, but visitors should take care of submerged objects, deep holes, cold water, low visibility and strong currents after heavy rain. Always supervise children in or near the water, and do not dive or jump in.

    Where are the best cottages in Lorne?

    Lemonade Creek Cottages, set in the forest behind Lorne and with a good hiking track to visit the beautiful Erskine Falls, these rustic cottages are really cute. Find out more and check prices.

    Where is the best Bistro in Lorne?

    Lorne Hotel Bistro – Overlooking the bay and life-saving club, the open deck area is perfect on a sunny day. The food is delicious and well-presented, not a budget-friendly choice perhaps, but a great location.

    What is the Lorne Pier to pub 2020?

    Lorne Pier to Pub – 2020 marks the 40th year of what is regarded as the largest ocean water swimming event in the world. The course starts at the Lorne pier and is 1.2 km long, finishing on the foreshore by the Lorne Surf Lifesaving Clubhouse. Find out more…

    Where can I go hiking in Lorne?

    Hiking trails cover the hills of the Otways behind Lorne for miles, fill your day pack with snacks and head off for the day, maps and trail notes can be sourced from the local information center. For the more seasoned bushwalker, pack for an overnight hike and stay at Allanvale Mill Campground…

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