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Is Express Scribe still free?

Is Express Scribe still free?

Yes. We make this software free with the hope you will like it so much you might come back and try some of our many other programs. There are absolutely no restrictions in this version of the program.

How long is Express Scribe free?

If you see “Express Scribe Pro: Unlicensed Trial version” and when you check Help->About it says “Licensed user: Unlicensed Software,” this means the install is in full trial mode and when it reaches the 14 days it will prompt you to visit our purchase page.

How much does Express Scribe cost?

Your Software

Select the Software you Need Normal Price Discount Price
Express Scribe Professional Unrestricted Professional License $80 $59.95*
Express Scribe Basic Standard Edition $70 $49.99*

How accurate is Express Scribe?

Automated Transcription Results When we put the clear interview through the NCH Express Scribe automated speech to text the software got 40 words correct out of 598, which is an accuracy level of just under 7%.

What is the difference between Express Scribe basic and professional?

Express Scribe is best for video transcription, medical transcription, and legal transcription. Professional transcriptionists will get the most out of Express Scribe tools and features as specialized functionalities like variable speed playback and easy foot pedal controls are offered.

Does Express Scribe transcribe for you?

Express Scribe is an audio/video player software that helps you transcribe your recordings or any media file.

What is the difference between Express Scribe and Express Scribe Pro?

What’s the best transcription app?

Descript. In a nutshell, Descript is an all-rounder. It’s capable of transcribing uploaded audio, as well as those directly recorded using the Descript interface.

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