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Is GDC 2021 online?

Is GDC 2021 online?

GDC is going digital in 2021 with online events running throughout the year. The first GDC Showcase will run in March, while the IGF and Game Developers Choice Awards will take place in July.

Will there be a GDC 2021?

For those who registered, GDC 2021 runs from July 19th through the 23rd, with a few notable talks and presentations, including the latest tech demo of Epic Games’ UE5 game engine.

Is GDC free?

GDC Showcase, which will be open to the public and free to attend, will run from March 15th through 19th, featuring networking and lectures in “a new array of content and formats.” Finally, GDC 2021 proper will take place during the week of July 19th as a business and education-focused event.

Is GDC Virtual?

Virtual Access In addition, we are offering a stand-alone All Access Online Only Pass if you are unable to make the event in person. This lower-cost pass provides some unique special features, along with full access to the entire virtual portion of GDC.

How many people go to GDC?

Organizers today announced a 2022 attendance figure of 17,000, down 41% from the record 29,000 attendees at GDC 2019. However, 5,000 of those attendees were just signed on for the virtual component of the show, so the actual convention center crowd was closer to 12,000, or down 59% compared to 2019.

What does GDC stand for?

Gross Dealer Concession or GDC is the revenue to a brokerage firm when commissioned securities and insurance salespeople sell a product, whether it is an investment like stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, or insurance like life insurance or long term care insurance.

Who founded GDC?

The workshop was founded by Jonathan Blow, the developer behind the game Braid. As of 2021, it was headed by Robin Hunicke and Daniel Benmergui. The session generally showcases 20 titles from over 250 submissions each year.

What is a GDC payout?

Gross dealer concession (GDC) is the revenue paid to a brokerage firm when commissioned securities and insurance salespeople sell a product.

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