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Is Jamiroquai releasing a new album?

Is Jamiroquai releasing a new album?

Set for release on January 21, 2022 through Sony Music, this edition includes a Dimitri From Paris Remix Radio Edit of Cosmic Girl, previously only available physically in very limited numbers on Dimitri From Paris’ own label, Le-Edits Records. The package also includes a unique download code for the album.

Is Jamiroquai still making music?

Jamiroquai (/dʒəˈmɪrəkwaɪ/ ( listen)) are an English funk and acid jazz band from London….

Genres Funk acid jazz soul disco house R&B
Years active 1992–present
Labels Acid Jazz Sony Soho2 Work Epic Mercury Virgin EMI

How much is Jamiroquai worth?

He is best known for being a founding member and lead vocalist of Jamiroquai. The band has sold more than 26 million albums worldwide to date….Jamiroquai Jay Kay Net Worth.

Net Worth: $70 Million
Profession: Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Singer-songwriter
Nationality: England

How do I contact Jamiroquai?

For live show bookings, please email [email protected] thanks!

Are Jamiroquai still performing?

Jamiroquai were at the forefront of the short-lived, London-based funk and acid jazz movement of the 1990s. Now the sole participants still touring, Jamiroquai continue to fill large arenas.

Who is the bass player in Jamiroquai?

Paul TurnerSince 2005
Nick Tydman1992 – 1992Richard Murphy2005 – 2005

How many Ferraris does Jamiroquai own?

Kay is a true automotive connoisseur, having owned over 100 cars including Ferrari 275s, Lamborghini Miuras and myriad Porsche 911s.

Where is Jay Kay?

Kay formerly lived in the Ealing area of London, where he played some of his first gigs. He now lives in Horsenden, where he has a private studio.

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