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Is Jim Beam Black better than Jim Beam?

Is Jim Beam Black better than Jim Beam?

The Jim Beam Black is aged twice as long and bottled at a slightly higher proof (86 vs. 80). On the nose it comes across a little more woody with notes of leather, and with a bit more intensity. On the palate it is more flavorful up front, fading into a pleasant tingle on the tongue as it drifts into the finish.

How old is Jim Beam Black Extra Aged?

Aged for eight years—twice as long as regular Jim Beam—this Bourbon offers rich caramel aroma and flavor.

Is Jim Beam Black better than Jack Daniels?

What is this? While Jim Beam tastes more alcoholic and fruity, Jack Daniels has a mellower and smoother flavor and tastes less alcoholic and it is believed that the charcoal filtering process it undergoes gives it more of a maple flavor.

Is Jim Beam Black top shelf?

The bourbon Jim Beam distills is definitely top-shelf, but the Jim Beam white label is not.

Is Jim Beam Black discontinued?

The Black edition from Jim Beam is a marriage of whiskeys aged for 8 years before bottling at 43%, slightly higher than the standard bourbon proof, proffering greater complexity. Sadly now discontinued, why not try the newer Jim Beam Double Oak?

Is Jim Beam Black good for sipping?

Bourbons like Jim Beam are budget-friendly. The starting point for many bourbon lovers is probably here. Due to its low cost and low proof, it is an excellent place to start. This bourbon isn’t great for sipping due to its bland flavor, lack of complexity, and low proof point.

Is Jim Beam Black extra aged smooth?

Our premium, 86-proof bourbon whiskey spends years longer being aged in our American White Oak barrels than our original Jim Beam. It’s those extra years of aging that give Jim Beam Black its full-bodied flavor with notes of smooth caramel and warm oak….Official Overview.

ABV: 43.0%
AGE: 6.0 Years

What does Jim Beam Black taste like?

The palate is full and thick with fruit. There are notes of vanilla fudge and honey, cereal sweetness, plenty of rye with a hint of cooked fruit. The finish is of good length with a touch of toasty oak spice.

Is Jim Beam Black flavored?

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