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Is Mackenzie and Josh from Teen Mom 3 still together?

Is Mackenzie and Josh from Teen Mom 3 still together?

In August 2019, things appeared to be over between the two when Mackenzie announced she was “freshly single.” But when Mackenzie turned 25, she revealed a reconciliation between her and Josh. In 2021 episodes of Teen Mom OG, Mackenzie and Josh were still attempting to work on their relationship.

Is Mackenzie McKee married?

Josh McKeeMackenzie McKee / Spouse (m. 2013)

What did mackenzies husband do?

Josh McKeeMackenzie McKee / Husband (m. 2013)

Where is Mackenzie Douthit now?

Mackenzie relocated from Oklahoma to Florida in September 2020 — a move she credits with helping to turn her life around following their relationship struggles and her mother, Angie Douthit’s death.

Why is Josh so mad at Mackenzie?

The reality stars have been working on their marriage after Mackenzie accused her husband of having an “emotional” affair with her cousin last year. The mom of three tweeted an embarrassing incident that happened while she was on the phone with Josh, 28.

What happened between Mackenzie and Josh?

Back in May, Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee took to social media to claim that her husband Josh McKee and her cousin were having an affair. She did this, she says, before talking to either of them. She saw her cousin’s number pop up (frequently) in Josh’s phone and assumed they were sleeping together.

What happened with Mackenzie McKee?

Sources close to MTV say that Mackenzie won’t be fired from ‘Teen Mom’ for now. According to Mackenzie, MTV wanted to “train her” after she made her ignorant statement, or she would be at risk of losing her job, but she took offense to this.

How much does Mackenzie McKee make?

Meanwhile, McKee has amassed a fortune of $200,000, according to The Things. Floyd has a reported net worth of $450,000 thanks to her appearances in various MTV reality shows. She is currently making the series minimum of $3,000 per episode.

Did Josh move with Mackenzie to Florida?

TEEN Mom OG star Mackenzie Mckee is living in a $300,000 beachside Florida home featuring a fireplace and walk-in closet, as she gets back together with her husband Josh. In September, Mackenzie, 26, moved from Oklahoma to the Lakewood Ranch in Florida with her children Gannon, 9, Jaxie, 6, and Broncs, 4, to “grow.”

Why was Mackenzie fired from MTV?

Cheyenne accused Mackenzie of “bullying” her and slammed her as “ignorant” for using a racial slur on Twitter. She was left out of the reunion photos and tweeted, “Being left out because one girl hates me. Cool.”

Does Josh move to Florida with Mackenzie?

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