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Is met Mumbai Good?

Is met Mumbai Good?

The college is ranked 4th Best B-School in Mumbai, ranked 28th Best B-School All India and 15th amongst Top West B-Schools by the Times B-School Survey 2022. MET Institute of Management ranked as India’s 17th Best Pvt. B-School and 18th Best B-School for Placements by the Times B-School Survey 2022.

Is Met good?

The highest salary package offered is 14 LPA, the lowest salary package offered is 4.5 LPA and the average salary package offered is MET is good college but can be much better. Placements: Our college placements are quite good. Approximately 70 percent of the batch gets placed every year.

How is Pgdm at Met?

Looking back now, I certainly feel that I made the right decision by joining MET PGDM. It not only has innovative course design but also best classroom faculty with years of Industry experience. Along with academics it also focuses on personal development, helping to get better placements and a rewarding career.

Is Lala college good for MBA?

Placements: It is a very good college for pursuing MBA. Placement coordinators are very helpful in getting the summer internships & final placements as well.

What is met in college?

MET is a 529 prepaid tuition savings program which allows you to pay for future higher education at today’s price. MET is flexible, transferable and even refundable. MET is specific to tuition, it does not pay for room and board or books.

Where is met college?

MET Institute of Management (MIT), Mumbai was founded in 1989 by Mumbai Educational Trust (MET) with a mission to redefine the system of education. The college in the field of management offers programmes which include MMS, Part Time Masters Degree (MMS/ MFM/ MHRDM) and PhD.

Does met have MBA?

A University of Mumbai recognized Institute; MET Mumbai is India’s leading B-School and one of the top MBA Colleges in Mumbai. At MET, MBA students are treated as managers under training.

Is Vesim good for MBA?

“Vesim is one of the recommended college if you are looking for an MBA with decent fees.”

Can you transfer met?

Transferring Your MET If you do not plan to use all or a portion of the credits on your MET you may transfer your credits to an immediate family member by submitting a Request to Transfer MET Educational Benefits form.

Can I study at the Met?

Join an active community of students and scholars across all academic disciplines through internships and fellowships. Extend your learning and teaching beyond the classroom and into our galleries and deepen your research in the Museum’s study centers.

What is it like to study at Met Delhi?

Infrastructure: MET is a complete package of knowledge zone. It has an amazing big library with a variety of books and you cannot explore the full range of it. Not only studies but various cultural, sports and other events are very…

How is met Institute of Management in Hyderabad?

Overall, MET Institute of Management has provided top-quality education for its students. The Institute aims at developing students for becoming better professionals and great business leaders. The institute has expertise professionals in the field of business along with experienced faculty who provide industry-specific skills to the students.

What is the class strength of met MBA program?

(MET MBA program easily has a class strength of ~500; every non-rated B-school will have at least 60 seats, but chances are it will be higher. Remember ‘for profit’ more the batch strength, higher the profits). Having said the above, I am proud to have graduated from MET.

What is it like to do MBA from NIT Mumbai?

The college has entered in the list of top 5 college for pursuing MBA in Mumbai. The course gives you exposure to the industry and have people from the Industry who are the faculty. The subjects are selected as per the recent Industry trends and case studies are a part of the curriculum to get better understanding of the subject.

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