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Is Mild scoliosis serious?

Is Mild scoliosis serious?

It can affect people of any age, from babies to adults, but most often starts in children aged 10 to 15. Scoliosis can improve with treatment, but it is not usually a sign of anything serious and treatment is not always needed if it’s mild.

Is it normal to have a slight scoliosis?

Most cases of scoliosis are mild, but some curves worsen as children grow. Severe scoliosis can be disabling. An especially severe spinal curve can reduce the amount of space within the chest, making it difficult for the lungs to function properly.

What does mild scoliosis mean?

Specifically, the term mild scoliosis describes an abnormal “S” or “C” shaped curve in the spine. This curve measures over 10 degrees and less than 25. In those with curves measuring less than 20 degrees, the risk of progression is usually low (around 20%).

Can mild scoliosis go away?

As scoliosis is an incurable and progressive condition, it will neither go away, nor fix itself without treatment.

How do you fix mild scoliosis?

Mild scoliosis is often managed simply with exercise, medical observation, scoliosis-specific physical therapy, and chiropractic treatment from a chiropractic scoliosis specialist. For some people with scoliosis, yoga or pilates is also recommended to decrease their pain level and increase flexibility.

Does mild scoliosis need surgery?

In simple terms: no, mild scoliosis does not require surgery. However, if mild scoliosis is left untreated and progresses into the severe stage, for those on the traditional-treatment path, they could end up being told surgery is necessary.

How common is mild scoliosis?

About one in every two people is thought to have mild scoliosis, which is painless, does not worsen and does not need treatment. However, severe scoliosis is a painful and debilitating condition that tends to worsen with age. About three children out of every 1000 have scoliosis that needs medical treatment.

How do you treat mild scoliosis?

Does mild scoliosis get worse with age?

Scoliosis is a progressive condition – it does tend to get worse as you age.

Is Mild scoliosis painful?

Once lengthening turns into compression, constant pressure is being placed on the spine and its surrounding nerves and tissues, leading to pain and discomfort. This is why adults with mild scoliosis are so much more likely to experience muscle pain, headaches, and pain in the back, neck, hip, or shoulder.

How is mild scoliosis treated?

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