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Is Papa Ajasco Wale Adenuga?

Is Papa Ajasco Wale Adenuga?

The story revolves around the Ajasco family and their comedic interpretations to major societal issues….

Papa Ajasco
Written by Wale Adenuga

What is Papa Ajasco real name?

Abiodun Ayoyinka
Abiodun Ayoyinka (1960) is a Nigerian comic actor and is also known as Papa Ajasco….

Abiodun Ayoyinka
Born Abiodun Ayoyinka 1960
Nationality Nigeria
Citizenship Nigerian

Who is Boy Alinco in Papa Ajasco?

Nigerian actor, Bayo Bankole who is known for his role in the popular TV series, Papa Ajasco as Boy Alinco is now 53 years. The actor celebrated his 53rd birthday on August 11 and he took to his verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

Who is Miss Pepeye in Papa Ajasco?

The name, Leona Mazur may not readily make any meaning to the average television/movie buff but the mere mention of Miss Pepeye would bring nolstagic feelings to millions of Nigerians, who religiously watched the Wale Adenuga’s comedy series; Papa Ajasco and Family, for many years.

How old is alinco?

Everyone calls him Boy Alinco, but his real name is Bayo Bankole. He has been acting for 34 years.

Who is the owner of WAP TV?

Wale Adenuga Production
Wale Adenuga Productions Limited, (in abbreviation WAPL or WAP) is a Nigeria entertainment and magazine specializes in movie production and TV programs. The industry was the sponsored and owner of Super Story family, Papa Ajasco and Binta.

How old is Abiodun Ayoyinka?

About 62 years (1960)Abiodun Ayoyinka / Age

Where is Boy Alinco now?

Nigerian comic actor, Bayo Bankole, popularly known as Boy Alinco, survived a ghastly accident in the United States of America on Tuesday. Boy Alinco who currently runs a radio programme called Afroville, shared photos from the scene on his Facebook page.

What tribe is Yetunde Barnabas?

Yetunde Barnabas was born on August 30, 1990 in Ilorin, Kwara state, though her family is originally from Kogi State.

Who is Yetunde?

Yetunde (variant forms: Yewande, Yeside, Yetide, Yejide, Yetunji, Yebode; alternatively spelled Iyabo or Iyabode) is a traditional name of the Yoruba ethnic group for females which factors into Yoruba religious beliefs, meaning “Mother has returned”.

What is Boy Alinco real name?

Who created the Super Story show in Nigeria?

Wale Adenuga
Super Story is a Nigerian anthology television drama series created by Wale Adenuga who published the magazine on which the programme is based.

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