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Is Slammo the same as Spikeball?

Is Slammo the same as Spikeball?

Spikeball and Slammo are two terms used interchangeably for the same game and similar set for playing. You will oftentimes see either of these two games played in people’s backyards or on the beach, and now there are even outdoor tournaments being organized frequently.

What is a Slammo?

Description. Slammo is an action packed 2 on 2 game that is similar to volleyball, but with a smaller ball and a circular net. The rules are similar to volleyball where each team has 3 hits to spike the ball into the ankle high circular net.

Is Spike ball any good?

Spikeball easily delivered as a favorite for my kids. It has so many pluses. It’s super easy to play, and the simple, intuitive rules are a snap to learn. The game features the potential for complex, competitive play, which makes it quite addictive and challenging for all ages and athletic abilities.

What’s the difference between Spikeball and Spikeball pro?

The Pro Kit is a standard sized net (36 inches), but it is higher quality and it comes with additional accessories–ball pump, ball gauge, better carrying bag, and two Pro Balls. The Pro Kit is the official set that is used at all Spikeball tournaments!

Is Spikeball worth?

Some people just want to play for fun and don’t need the $100 set. After owning the regular set than buying this one, if you know you enjoy playing this game and are looking to get a set, get the pro set. It’s worth the extra $40. The sturdier arms and legs give you a nice peace of mind and the balls are better to hit.

What age is Spikeball for?

Age Range: 2 and up for general play, 6 and up for the official game. This is a game that just about anyone who can walk and catch, throw, and hit a ball can enjoy. Basically, any child age 2 and up can have fun with this toy.

Is Spikeball difficult?

As you can tell from these rules, Spikeball isn’t a difficult game to learn and you’ll get the swing of things after a few games. There’s some nuances when it comes to faults, but as with any game, you’ll figure those out as you play the game more and more.

Is Spikeball worth the money?

highly recommend this game and yes the additional money for the PRO set was worth the return in quality. I played Spikeball several times on friend’s sets and always loved it. When I finally got my own I decided to go with the pro set based on the very good reviews here on Amazon.

Is Pocket good in Spikeball?

Pockets: A pocket is when the ball contacts the outer parts of the net near the rim. This will cause the ball to change its trajectory. During a serve, a pocket will count as a fault.

How do you play Mushball?

SSC Mushball is non-contact and all players must avoid unnecessary contact at all times. Runners must give themselves up, get out of the way, or slide. Excessive or unsportsmanlike contact will result in an immediate ejection. At the discretion of the SSC, an ejected player may face further suspension.

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