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Is SSB Tech Interview tough?

Is SSB Tech Interview tough?

If you have cleared the written NDA exam then you have to appear for SSB or Service Selection Board interview. As we all know SSB is the toughest interview for any service in this country. Only few candidates are able to crack this interview in first attempt. So it is very difficult to clear SSB interview.

Are technical questions asked in SSB?

Though the candidates have proven themselves in the written examination before coming to SSB, still there is a very high probability that they may be put through a certain set of technical question during their Personal Interview.

What questions do they ask in SSB interview?

Example of SSB Interview Questions

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • Tell me your percentage starting from class 8 onwards.
  • How many best friends you have?
  • Which is the quality of your best friend you like the most?
  • Whom do you tell your secrets?
  • Who is your role model?
  • Tell me about your daily routine.

How can I prepare for SSB Tech?

The preparation should start from the personality analysis because SSB needs a reflection of your very own personality rather than copying it of someone else. So one should know himself or herself first. Once this is done, then only the practice of various rounds should be started.

Is TES SSB easy?

Well, SSB Interview is a tough entry. It is not easy to clear. Well in the case of NDA entry, It is hard to clear even Written examination and those who clear the written exam will proceed for the SSB Interview.

Which interview is tough IAS or SSB?

You must have read in many articles that Service Selection Board Interview is the trickiest interview. In some places you must have read that it is the toughest one. In fact, the candidates who appear in this interview also second this opinion, that SSB is India’s toughest interview.

How do I clear my SSB Tech?

  1. 1 Know SSB’s tests and procedures inside out.
  2. 2 After following tip no 1, do good practice and form test-wise preparation habits.
  3. 3 Don’t ignore Current Affairs.
  4. 4 Some things you should have detailed knowledge about-
  5. 5 Brush up your Technical/ Academic knowledge.
  6. 6 Know your native state/town better.

What is the cutoff of TES?

Indian Army 10+2 TES Cut Off 2022: The abbreviation TES stands for Technical Entry Scheme, and it refers to a technical entry into the Indian army as an officer….TES Previous Year Cut off Marks.

Year Cut off Marks
TES 46 (Expected Cutoff) 75-85%
TES 45 80%
TES 44 88%
TES 43 79%

What are the questions asked in SSB interview?

When you appear for the SSB interview, you are supposed to know about the organization you want to join. The interviewing officer may ask questions such as the ranks, commands, formations, etc. Some most asked questions are as follows:

What is the technical entry for the SSB exam in India?

There are various technical entries for engineering students, such as UES, TGC and SSC-tech for Indian Army, AFCAT for Indian Air Force and few direct entries for Indian Navy. If you are going for SSB through a technical entry, then you must be aware of some basic concepts from the subjects you have studied or studying.

What is it like to be a SSB candidate?

There are multiple SSB selection centers such as Allahabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, and many others. SSB gives a feeling of undergoing a personality test. The success rate in SSB interviews is very low. In an SSB interview, the candidates have to respond naturally to any given circumstances.

How to prepare for Service Selection Board (SSB)?

The Service Selection Board (SSB) tests the overall personality of an individual. Thus, one should be prepared to face questions that pertain to their respective area of studies. Since there are many entries in the technical field for both men and women such as UES and TGC, it is imperative to be brushed up on your technical knowledge.

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