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Is the PC port of FF7 good?

Is the PC port of FF7 good?

“Whether or not you’re sold on the game itself is going to depend on you at this point, but as a PC port, this version of Final Fantasy 7 is overall a great way to play it – especially considering that this also has all the additional content of the Intergrade version.”

Did they fix FF7 PC?

The latest patch for Final Fantasy 7’s PC remake has improved frame rates on the platform and includes other fixes. The latest patch from Square Enix is now out in Remake Intergrade for PC. The patch notes are light though and included in full below.

Is FF7R PC bad?

The recently released PC port of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is “the worst AAA release… on PC in a good long time,” according to video game tech analysis site Digital Foundry.

How do I mod FF7 on steam?

This is done by the following:

  1. Open steam and launch the FFVII launcher. Go to settings and disable cloud saving.
  2. Navigate to your FFVII install folder, there’s a saves folder where your modded saves wind up.
  3. Start FFVII, open your save, get achievement credit, exit out, continue your modded playthrough.

Will FF7 remake come to Steam?

I can confirm that #FinalFantasy VII Remake is planned to release on Steam after Epic Games exclusive contract end. The game AppID used for devtest is 1462040. The app have been created in October 2020, 6 months after release on PS4.

What is the best Final Fantasy 7 mod for PC?

Players who want these battle textures to be as high quality as possible need only download the AVALANCHE ARISEN Battle Textures mod. It’s a great Final Fantasy 7 mod for players who want each and every aspect of their game to be as polished and modern as possible.

What is the FF7 remusic mod?

This mod, simply titled ReMusic, was uploaded to Nexus Mods by The Spirit of FF7. It replaces the original game’s music with the remake’s. This creates sort of a weird juxtaposition in the game though, what with the cheap polygonal graphics next to the master class recorded new score.

Is there an FF7 mod that replaces the main party?

This FF7 mod, titled Final Fantasy 7 The Shinra Character Overhaul Mod, was uploaded to Nexus Mods by Mr_Nygren. It replaces the main party with Shinra people.

How old is the Final Fantasy 7 modding community?

Despite being a couple of decades old, the modding community for Final Fantasy 7 is still churning out some great changes for the game. Final Fantasy 7 is over twenty years old.

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