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Is there a subway system in Montreal?

Is there a subway system in Montréal?

Today, the Montreal metro consists of four lines running a total of 71 km and serving 68 stations. In 2018, its passengers made more than 383 million trips. A new generation of rubber-tired AZUR subway cars was gradually introduced starting in 2016.

Where is the metro in Montréal?

It is located at the junction of 3 of the 4 Metro lines: 1 (Green Line), 2 (Orange Line), 4 (Yellow Line) making it a major transport hub. Located in the Latin Quarter, it’s only 2 stations east of Downtown Montreal on Line 1 and even closer to Old Montreal.

How do you ride the subway in Montréal?

The most common way to pay on Montreal transit is with an OPUS card, which can be purchased at fare collectors or vending machines in any metro station. You can load your OPUS card with any of the above fare options. OPUS cards can be purchased for $6.00 CAD, and are valid for one rider each.

How many subway stations are there in Montréal?


Montreal Metro
Locale Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Transit type Rapid transit
Number of lines 4
Number of stations 68 (5 to come)

How expensive is the Montreal Metro?


Fares Prices Conditions
1 trip $3.50 The only fare sold on the bus. Exact change required.
2 trips $6.50 One single user.
10 trips1 $30.00
Unlimited Evening2 $5.75 6 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Is the subway free in Montreal?

The metro system is clean, reliable and expansive — it covers all of the downtown core and into some Montreal suburbs like Lasalle, Laval and the South Shore. Fares: Single rides on the metro will run you $3.50 CAD or $6.50 for two tickets. Day fares are also available and will cost $10.

How much does it cost to take subway in Montreal?

Can I drink the tap water in Montreal?

While Montreal’s water is of excellent quality and is safe to drink, lead leaching from the old pipes that water runs through can contaminate it by the time it comes out of your tap. Health Canada recommendations released in March reduced the acceptable level of lead from 10 micrograms per litre of water to five.

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