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Should I watch Hidan no Aria AA?

Should I watch Hidan no Aria AA?

For starters Hidan no Aria AA can pretty much be watched even without seeing the original as it has no ties with it(As far as the anime is concerned), Previous knowledge of the series just gives you a little more insight into Aria’s character and you’ll recognize some of the older characters who make cameo appearances …

Is Hidan no Aria AA a sequel?

However instead of a sequel we got something called Hidan no Aria AA a spin off series that takes place around the same time.

Who is the MC in Hidan no Aria AA?

Kinji Tohyama
Kinji Tohyama (遠山 キンジ, Tohyama Kinji?) is the main male protagonist of the Hidan no Aria series.

Is Hidan no Aria anime finished?

So, to answer the question: yes, Hidan no Aria manga continues from the anime, which is an adaptation to the original light novel. The anime ends at volume 3 of the light novel, which is around volume 8-9 of the manga. Note: Hidan no Aria manga continues as Hidan no Aria – Shiden no Majo after volume 16.

Who does Kinji end up with?

Aria is Kinji’s partner and is also his love interest throughout the series.

Is Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA worth watching?

This is definitely worth watching. You will not be disappointed. Perfect First Season but Second Season drops the MC. Aria the Scarlet Ammo started off with a good hook, cute girl and a useless MC, like most Harem Anime’s.

Does Kinji love aria?

Aria H. Aria is Kinji’s partner and is also his love interest throughout the series. Initially, Kinji doesn’t think much of Aria, having zero tolerance for her bossy, immature behavior, coupled with the fact that she’s trying to pull him back into a line of work that he’s desperately trying to leave behind.

Does Hidan no Aria have romance?

Aria had initially fallen in love with Kinji not too long after they first met, but it was his Hysteria Mode that she found highly attractive. But later on in the series, it is constantly shown she actually harbors romantic feelings for Kinji and is too scared to confess to him.

Is there romance in Hidan no Aria?

Does Riko like Kinji?

Riko viewed Kinji as a friend and her method to acquiring various erotic dating sims, since store-keepers think she is too young to actually purchase them for herself. However, leading up to the events of Volume 3-4, Riko seems to have actually fallen in love with Kinji.

Who will Kinji end up with?

What genre is Aria the Scarlet Ammo?

Japanese light novel series
Aria the Scarlet Ammo (緋弾のアリア, Hidan no Aria?) is a Japanese light novel series written by Chūgaku Akamatsu and illustrated by Kobuichi.

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