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What are good phone phrases?

What are good phone phrases?

Some examples of good telephone game phrases are:

  • a guppy in a shark tank.
  • candy crunching coconut lovers.
  • red roses with thorny stems.
  • doorknobs and doorjambs with hasps and hinges.

How do I start Chinese whispers?

Players form a line or circle, and the first player comes up with a message and whispers it to the ear of the second person in the line. The second player repeats the message to the third player, and so on. When the last player is reached, they announce the message they heard to the entire group.

What is the weirdest sentence?

Top 10 Weird Grammatically Correct Sentences

  • One morning, I shot an elephant in my pajamas; how he got into my pajamas, I’ll never know.
  • Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana.
  • This book is dedicated to my parents, Ayn Rand and God.
  • I never said she stole my money.

How do you use whisper in a sentence?

Whisper sentence example

  1. His whisper turned to a roar.
  2. Her whisper was almost too quiet for him to hear.
  3. His voice turned to a whisper and he looked at her, conflicted.
  4. Cynthia spoke in a whisper as she poked around.
  5. Gabriel bent to whisper something to Katie and then moved in front of him.

How do you politely talk on the phone?

How to Be Polite on the Phone

  1. Greet the other caller politely.
  2. Speak in your normal tone of voice.
  3. Speak directly into the phone’s mouthpiece.
  4. Do not eat while talking on the phone.
  5. Eliminate distractions while talking on the phone.
  6. Ask to call the person back if you have bad service.

Is the ears have it a real game?

“The Ears Have It” is a board game which was very popular back in the 1990’s. It involved the gimmick of wearing headbands with pictures of ears. Abed Nadir and Annie Edison found a copy of the game hoping that its nostalgia would score them points from their fellow Save Greendale Committee member Elroy Patashnik.

What’s the shortest sentence in the world?

The sentence ‘I am’ has both- the subject- I and Predicate- am. It also expresses a complete thought. So ‘I am’ is the shortest sentence.

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