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What are masking and Demasking agent?

What are masking and Demasking agent?

A masking agent is a reagent used in chemical analysis which reacts with chemical species that may interfere in the analysis. Demasking is the process inwhich the masked substance regains its ability to enter into a particular reaction.

What are masking and Demasking agents in complexometric titration?

Masking agents are chemical reagents that are useful in chemical analysis for the removal of impurities from a reaction mixture. Demasking agents are chemical reagents that are useful in introducing the impurities which were masked before the reaction mixture.

Which is example of Demasking agents?

Demasking agent :- & EDTA. EXAMPLE :- The masking by CN– can be removed by mixture of formaldehyde, acetic acid on addition of demasking agent to [Zn (CN)4]2- Zn is liberated and titrated.

What are various methods of masking?

8 Data Masking Techniques

  • Data Pseudonymization. Lets you switch an original data set, such as a name or an e-mail, with a pseudonym or an alias.
  • Data Anonymization.
  • Lookup substitution.
  • Encryption.
  • Redaction.
  • Averaging.
  • Shuffling.
  • Date Switching.

Which masking agent is used for masking the aluminium & iron?

Answer: For the selective demasking of aluminium, we employed triethanolamine, which also reacts with iron. To avoid interference by iron, ascorbic acid was added before the addition of KCN, ensuring that iron and manganese (if present) are reduced and complex with cyanide.

Which is the masking agent Mcq?

NH4F is masking agent. B. These reagent form complexes with interfering ions which are more stable than complexes with indicator & EDTA.

Which is used as masking agent for lead in complexometric titration?

A method is proposed for the selective complexometric determination of lead, with sulphuric acid and barium chloride being used as the masking agent.

What are the types of mask?

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What is full form of mask?

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