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What are some codes for idle apocalypse?

What are some codes for idle apocalypse?

Active codes

Code Reward Found on
ENIDSUX 25 Gems Archives Dialog #16.
WX6E9E3 3 Space Ore Gran’s Wool & Tech Shop by looking at the top left of the chips.
NORBERT 3 Nether Tokens Norbert’s Dialogue #17.
CHEATER 50 Gems Idle Apocalypse Twitter

What are all the codes for clicking champions?

Clicking Champions Codes (Working)

  • CDTV – Redeem code for a CDTV pet (NEW)
  • IceLuck – Redeem code for 2x clicks.
  • GoldenClick – Redeem code for 2x golden clicks.
  • 40KSECRET – Redeem code for a free pet.
  • SecretCode – Redeem code for 2x secret boost.
  • ElementalClick – Redeem code for 2x clicks.

Can clicking simulator codes?

Clicker Simulator codes

  • LUCKY5000 – two two-hour luck boosts (new!)
  • 400DOUBLELUCK – two two-hour luck boosts.
  • LUCKYCODE21 – two two-hour luck boosts.
  • LIKECLICK12 – boost.
  • tokcodeluck12 – two two-hour luck boosts.
  • 2xlongluck350 – two two-hour luck bosts.
  • twitter100k – one two-hour luck boost.

How do you summon mummy in Idle Apocalypse?

Summon level is how many times you’ve summoned a mummy per apocalypse. 1000 since you need to click on the Summon button each time. 10000….Summon Costs.

Summon Level Summon Cost
2 50 1000
3 50 3000
4 500 500
5 75 100

What is the egg in Idle Apocalypse?

The egg is everything.” The item used to required to upgrade the Doomsday Device to level 5 (along with 2.5 billion Souls and 50 Star Crystals). It’s unlocked at the credits page.

What are the codes for clicker realms?

Clicker Realms Codes (Working)

  • SubToLucaDaBoy – Redeem code for a lot of free clicks.
  • 2KConcurrent – Redeem code for a lot of free clicks.
  • 1MVisits – Redeem code for a lot of free clicks.
  • FreePetForYou – Redeem code for a free Demon pet.
  • 500KEvent – Redeem code for 100,000 Clicks.
  • 1KConcurrent – Redeem code for a Rebirth.

What are codes for godly clicking simulator?

All Godly Clicking Simulator Codes:

  • UPDATE11 – Redeem code for 100,000,000 Clicks (NEW)
  • TOXICUPDATE – Redeem code for American Bunny Pet (NEW)
  • 100KVISITSPET – Redeem code for Mini Naruto Pet.
  • UPDATE10 – Redeem code for 100,000,000 Clicks.
  • 4THOFJULY – Redeem code for Russo Bunny Pet.

What is the secret code of candy clicking simulator?

Full list of Roblox Candy Clicking Simulator codes and what each code offers when you redeem it….Active Codes (June 2022)

Code Reward
Update2 2,000 Clicks
300Likes 3,000 Gems
1kfavorites 1,000 Gems
CANDY 100 Gems

How do ID codes work on Roblox?

Roblox offers a large stack of ID codes for players to use and jam out to some of their favorite songs, however, there are a few rules surrounding these codes. One of these rules has to do with volume, and specifically high volume—any ID that features a disturbingly loud audio file is automatically removed from Roblox without question.

What is a song ID on Roblox?

Song IDs are numerical codes that allow players the opportunity to listen to some of their favorite songs while playing around in various Roblox experiences. If you’re unsure how to enter Roblox Song ID codes on the platform, breeze through our guide for a quick refresher here.

What are bypassed IDs on Roblox?

Bypassed IDs are audio files that are able to fly under Roblox’s radar for longer periods of time due to the way in which they were created and uploaded onto to the site. To put it simply, these IDs don’t appear to be loud when looking at the file’s wavelengths, so Roblox leaves them alone.

What is the secret save file used for?

The Secret Save FIle (SSF) is a hidden game file used for testing things that would take a large amount of time on one’s main file. For instance, one can test the maximum number of boxes one can store or give oneself strong enough Battle Arena equipment to fight deep into Endless Dungeon .

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