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What are the 4 different hurdle events in track?

What are the 4 different hurdle events in track?

Hurdle events include the 60-meter (indoors only), 100-meter, 110-meter, and 400-meter races. Youth competitions can also include a 300-meter event.

How tall are high school high hurdles?

39 inches
Height and spacing The highest position (sometimes “college high” or “open high”) is used for men’s sprint hurdle races (60 m, and 110 m), which are 42 inches (106.7 cm). The next highest, (sometimes “high school high” ) 39 inches (99.1 cm) is used by veteran men under age 50, and younger boys.

How high is 110 hurdles in high school?

39′ inches high
High school hurdles are 39′ inches high while college height hurdles are 42 inches tall.

Do you wear spikes for hurdles?

One of the biggest technical aspects to the 400m hurdles is being able to run round the bend at speed and hurdle at the same time. Choosing a pair of spikes which allowed to do this is imperative. Some athletes for the 400m hurdles also opt for middle-distance spikes.

What is the back leg in hurdles called?

With this style, the back leg (trail leg) creates the force and speed that propels you through the hurdle motion.

What are the five hurdle events?

The track events at the championship level include the 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 5000 and 10,000-me- ter runs, the 3000-meter steeplechase, the 110- and 400-meter hurdles and the 400 and 1500-meter relays. Dashes, or short runs, are also called sprints.

What kind of spikes should I get for hurdles?

For sprinters who run multiple events, the Nike Rival S 9 is the perfect spike. This spike can handle the power of the 60m, the finesse of relays, and the speed of the 400m. Note: For beginner hurdlers, we recommend the Rival M Spike due to added heel protection.

Do track runners wear cleats?

Spikes gain most of their notoriety from track and field events as shoes that give runners extra traction. Different from the cleats commonly seen in sports such as soccer and football, spike shoes use removable metal or plastic spikes on the bases — cleats typically have molded, permanent nodules on the bottoms.

Which leg goes over the hurdle last?

Simply have the hurdler go over the hurdle to see which is more comfortable. If you see that they go over with their left leg first, and then get them to go over with their right leg. Whichever one looks more in control that’s the leg that’s going to be the lead leg. Meaning that the leg that’s going to go over first.

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