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What are the benefits of AMEX business Platinum?

What are the benefits of AMEX business Platinum?

21 Benefits of the Amex Business Platinum Card [$5,000+ Value]

  • A Huge Welcome Bonus [$1,100 to $2,000+]
  • Free Access to Thousands of Airport Lounges Worldwide [$1,000+]
  • Earn 5x Points per Dollar Spent on Flights and Prepaid Hotels on Amex Travel [$100]
  • Earn 1.5x on Eligible Purchases and Purchases Over $5,000 [$50]

What benefits do you get with an American Express card?

What benefits are available to American Express cardholders?

  • Travel protections.
  • Retail protections.
  • Pre-sale ticket access.
  • Complimentary hotel nights and property credits.
  • Free ShopRunner membership.
  • American Express Experiences hub.
  • Limited-time retail offers.

What is Amex SPG?

The Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™ American Express® Card (formerly known as the is the Starwood Preferred Guest® Luxury Card), is the overachiever of the family. It offers 6x points at Marriott hotels, 3x points at US restaurants and on flights booked directly with the airlines and 2x points elsewhere.

How do I check my American Express card statement?

You can access your Statements online here or log into your Online Account, select ‘Statements & Activity’ from the menu and then ‘All PDF Statements’ in the dropdown menu. You can also download the Amex App here to see your recent transactions and statements within the ‘Statements’ tab.

Can you have two AmEx business Platinum cards?

Can You Have Two Or More Amex Business Platinum Cards? The short answer is YES, you can have two American Express Business Platinum Cards. However, in order to be eligible for the second welcome bonus, your account will need to be targeted to bypass the Amex bonus once per lifetime rule mentioned above.

How many AmEx business Platinum cards can I have?

You can get up to 99 additional cards total, regardless of which of the three you choose. The Amex Business Green card and the American Express Business Gold card don’t provide American Express Business Platinum card perks, like free airport lounge access.

Is Amex for rich?

No,. American Express is not specifically for rich people, even though it does have a high level of status in many people’s minds. Applicants need good or excellent credit scores of 700+ to qualify for Amex credit cards, and you don’t need to be rich to have a good credit score.

Is the Amex SPG card going away?

It was a day I knew was coming but I didn’t think it would get here so soon. As part of the rearranging of the Marriott Bonvoy co-brand credit card portfolios, American Express lost the right to issue the entry-level Bonvoy personal card.

Is Marriott Bonvoy same as SPG?

Bonjour Bonvoy! Well it’s official, the Amex SPG credit card is no more. After months of waiting (since the merger of SPG and Marriott loyalty programs in August, 2018), Marriott has finally rebranded its loyalty program and has launched the Marriott Bonvoy™ American Express® Card, displacing the SPG card.

What is an Amex statement credit?

American Express statement credit is money added to a cardmember’s account to reduce the account’s balance by an equal amount, almost like a payment.

How long keep Amex statements?

three years
American Express, for example, keeps three years worth of account transactions online and searchable. Chase Bank users can access seven years of account activity.

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