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What are the best code review tools?

What are the best code review tools?

The best code review tools according to our State of Developer Ecosystem report

  1. GitHub. On GitHub, code review tools are built into pull requests.
  2. GitLab.
  3. Bitbucket.
  4. Azure DevOps.
  5. Crucible.
  6. Gerrit.
  7. Upsource.
  8. JetBrains Space.

What are all the major code review tools?

Code review tools

  • Review Board. Open-source and web-based, Review Board is an excellent code review tool that you can test before downloading using the demo on the website.
  • Collaborator.
  • CodeScene.
  • Visual Expert.
  • Rhodecode.
  • GitHub.
  • Veracode.
  • Phabricator.

What is the best way to review code?

9 Best Practices for Code Review

  1. Know What to Look for in a Code Review.
  2. Build and Test — Before Review.
  3. Don’t Review Code for Longer Than 60 Minutes.
  4. Check No More Than 400 Lines at a Time.
  5. Give Feedback That Helps (Not Hurts)
  6. Communicate Goals and Expectations.
  7. Include Everyone in the Code Review Process.

What are the most common types of code review software?

It defines five types of code reviews, from most to least involved (most of today’s reviews tend to be Inspections and Walkthroughs:

  1. Audits.
  2. Management reviews.
  3. Technical code reviews.
  4. Inspections.
  5. Walkthroughs.

What is code review in Jira?

Robust Code Review Tied to Jira Jira helps teams drive their projects forward but peer reviews can still be a bottleneck. Collaborator, our peer code and document review tool, seamlessly integrates so that your team can accelerate those peer reviews and build quality into projects early.

What is the difference between Checkmarx and SonarQube?

Comparison Results: SonarQube has an edge over Checkmarx in pricing, but Checkmarx offers better support. Find out what your peers are saying about Checkmarx vs. SonarQube and other solutions.

What is the difference between SonarLint and SonarQube?

SonarLint is YOUR Code Quality & Code Security tool. SonarQube is YOUR TEAM’s Code Quality & Code Security tool. You and your team align to collectively own code quality and accelerate delivery.

What are the two types of code reviews?

Types. Code review practices fall into three main categories: pair programming, formal code review and lightweight code review. Formal code review, such as a Fagan inspection, involves a careful and detailed process with multiple participants and multiple phases.

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