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What are the dimensions of the Sydney Opera House?

What are the dimensions of the Sydney Opera House?

The building is 185 metres long and 120 metres wide. 12. Its roof is made of 2,194 pre-cast concrete sections.

What is the audience capacity of the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House?

The Concert Hall sits beneath the largest Opera House roof sails and occupies the upper levels of the west side of the building. With an audience capacity of up to 2679 in the round, it is the largest interior venue in the Opera House.

How many cells make up the roof of the Sydney Opera House?

Tiles were placed face down in one of 26 chevron shaped beds each with a base shaped to match the curve of the roof. In total, there are 1,056,006 tiles on the roof.

How many square meters is the Sydney Opera House?

45,000 square metres
The Opera House provides 45,000 square metres (11 acres) of usable office space out of 18,000 square metres (4.5 acres) of land. It is 183 metres (600 feet) tall and about 120 metres (388 feet) wide at its widest point.

How many shells make up the Opera House?

Did you know if all the 14 shells of the Sydney Opera House were combined, it would form a perfect sphere?

What architectural style is the Opera House?

Modern architecture
Expressionist architecture
Sydney Opera House/Architectural styles

What is the capacity of the Enmore Theatre?

1,600Enmore Theatre / Capacity

How many roof tiles does an Opera House have?

There are more than 1 million roof tiles covering approximately 1.62 hectares sitting over the structure.

How many rooms does the Opera House have?

The Sydney Opera House has approximately 1,000 rooms. These include extremely large rooms, such as the concert hall that seats almost 2,700 people,…

How many windows does the Opera House have?

Unrelieved by capital, base, fluting or ornament, they meet other elements with a consistent negative joint detail. Behind the colonnade the wall has nine new openings, three doors and six windows. These are also modest, the windows being just 1.95 metres wide and 2.1 meters high.

How many so called shells make up the roof of the 3 main buildings of the Sydney Opera House?

Although described as reinforced-concrete shells, they are in fact a series of concrete ribs that support a total of 2,194 precast-concrete roof panels which are in turn clad with over 1 million tiles.

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