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What are the ecological functions or roles of mangroves?

What are the ecological functions or roles of mangroves?

Mangroves protect shorelines from damaging storm and hurricane winds, waves, and floods. Mangroves also help prevent erosion by stabilizing sediments with their tangled root systems. They maintain water quality and clarity, filtering pollutants and trapping sediments originating from land.

What is the ecological service of mangrove?

Mangroves have enormous ecological significance, both to the functioning of the natural environment and to humans. As a coastal species, mangroves act as both barriers, preventing soil erosion and protecting inhabitants from storms, and biofilters for nutrients in upland runoff, such as nitrogen and phosphorous.

What is the ecological impact of a mangrove forest?

Mangrove forests are highly productive ecosystems with rates of primary production equal to those of tropical humid evergreen forests6. They accumulate carbon in tree biomass, and most of this carbon is lost by decomposition and export to adjacent ecosystems7.

What are the ecological and economic services of mangroves worldwide?

Mangroves1 provide a number valuable ecosystem services that contribute to human wellbeing, including provisioning (e.g., timber, fuel wood, and charcoal), regulating (e.g., flood, storm and erosion control; prevention of salt water intrusion), habitat (e.g., breeding, spawning and nursery habitat for commercial fish …

Which of the following does not explain the importance of mangrove forests?

Many fish breed in mangrove forests. Which of the following does not explain the importance of mangrove forests? c. They increase surface runoff and flooding.

What are the uses of mangrove?


  • » Mangroves protect water quality by removing nutrients and pollutants from.
  • » Mangrove peat absorbs water during heavy rains and storm surge, reducing.
  • » Mangroves provide nursery habitat for many commercial fish and shellfish,
  • » Mangroves protect species that are the basis of a $7.6 billion seafood.
  • What is meant by ecological services?

    Definition. Ecosystem services or ‘ecoservices’ are defined as the goods and services provided by ecosystems to humans. Per the 2006 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), ecosystem services are “the benefits people obtain from ecosystems”.

    What are the supporting services of mangroves?

    Mangrove ecosystems provide significant socioeconomic benefits, such as timber, fish, tourism opportunities, and environmental services (e.g., coastal protection, water regulation, carbon sequestration, and nursery habitat for a wide-ranging diversity of species).

    What are some disadvantages of mangroves?

    Mangroves are also ecological bellwethers and their decline in certain areas may provide early evidence of serious ecological threats including rising seawater levels, excess water salinity, overfishing and pollution.

    What is a mangrove forest and what is its ecological and economic importance?

    Mangrove forest: found in 70% of coastlines in tropical regions, made off trees with extensive root systems. Importance: -Maintain water quality by filtering out pollutants, excess nutrients, and sediments. -Provide food, habitats, and nursery sites. -Reduce storm damage and coastal erosion by absorbing waves.

    Which is an indirect economic value of mangrove forest?

    Indirect use values of the mangroves are shoreline protection, carbon sequestration and biodiversity. They represent 25 per cent of the TEV. The existence value, which represents the value of mangroves in an unharmed state, accounts for 55 per cent of the TEV.

    What negative consequences may arise due to the deforestation of mangrove forests?

    Losses of mangroves also release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, arising from destruction of their biomass and the release of the large carbon stocks held in their soils. This affects all of us on the planet as it contributes to global warming, further accelerating global climatic change.

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