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What are the issues of minorities?

What are the issues of minorities?

Some of the main problems faced by minorities in India are as follows: 1. Problem of Identity 2. Problem of Security 3….Problem Relating to Equity.

  • Problem of Identity:
  • Problem of Security:
  • Problem Relating to Equity:

What are the barriers that ethnic minorities face?

Today, we’re looking at seven key barriers for ethnic diversity.

  • 1- Racial bias.
  • 2- Discomfort to talk about race and ethnicity.
  • 3- White resentment.
  • 4- Difficulties in measuring and monitoring.
  • 5- Narrow recruitment pools.
  • 6- Self-censorship amongst ethnic minorities.
  • 7- Lack of influential contacts amongst ethnic minorities.

What are the minority ethnic group in Nigeria?

There are ‘large minorities’ like the Ijaw, Kanuri, Edo, Ibibio, Nupe, and the Tiv. Eleven of such large minorities constituted 27.9% of the population in the 1963 census [Afolayan, 1978; 155]. Table 1: Ethnic & Regional Composition of Nigerian Population: 1952/3.

What are the consequences of ethnicity in Nigeria?

Consequences of ethnicity are:

  • Communal conflicts.
  • Political violence.
  • Religious violence.
  • Discrimination.
  • Underdevelopment.
  • Waste of resources.

What are some issues in racial/ethnic relations and characteristics of minority groups?

What are some issues in racial-ethnic relations and characteristics of minority groups? Primary issue is poverty, nationhood, and settling treaty obligations.

How does the government help minorities to improve their condition?

Answer. The government help them in following ways : a. opening of government schools ,colleges so that they can set out from madarsas and religious knowledge and learn developmental skills.

What are ethnic barriers?

Perceived barriers to the routine collection of race/ethnicity data include data quality, legal issues, and concerns about confidentiality and privacy, potential for misuse, public reporting, and cost.

What is the most significant health barrier for minorities?

Health barriers for minorities are most significant because of: poor water quality.

How can we solve the problem of ethnicity?


  1. Tolerate one another.
  2. Be patriotic.
  3. Deliberate government policies.
  4. Organize public enlightenment campaigns.
  5. Encourage inter – marriage.

What are the 3 ethnic groups in Nigeria?

There are three major ethnic groups in Nigeria (Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo) with about 250 other ethnic groups commonly referred to as minor ethnic groups.

What are the problems associated with ethnicity?

Ethnic conflicts are often accompanied by gross human rights violations, such as genocide and crimes against humanity, and by economic decline, state failure, environmental problems, and refugee flows. Violent ethnic conflict leads to tremendous human suffering.

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