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What are the new features in Oracle 11g?

What are the new features in Oracle 11g?

Support for data compression is nothing new in Oracle Database, but 11g takes the concept to a new level with Advanced and Hybrid Columnar Compression. Explore SQL Result Cache, PL/SQL Function Cache, and Database Resident Connection Pooling.

What are the new features in Oracle 19c for developers?


  • Dynamically Change Oracle Data Guard Broker Fast-Start Failover Target.
  • Simplified Database Parameter Management in Oracle Data Guard Broker.
  • Observe-only Mode for Oracle Data Guard Broker’s Fast-Start Failover.
  • Propagate Restore Points from Primary to Standby Site.

What version is 11gr2?

Release 2 (11.2)

What are the differences between Oracle 11g and 12c?

Oracle 12c is just upgraded version of the Oracle 11g with some new features like cloud support and pluggable database, kind of like master slave architecture. With the Oracle 12 c, you can plug your database to cloud anytime. It has multiple new features like JSON support, multitenant architecture and etc.

What is the difference between Oracle 10g and 11g?

Difference between Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g Compared with Oracle 10g, the later version of Oracle 11g offers more simplified, automated, and advanced memory management tools and features. The latter is equipped with better abilities to diagnose faults via inbuilt infrastructure.

What is the meaning of G in Oracle 11g?

grid computing
Version 11g of the Oracle Database, which included built-in testing for changes, the capability of viewing tables back in time, superior compression of all types of data and enhanced disaster recovery functions. The “g” stood for “grid computing,” which supports clusters of servers that are treated as a single unit.

What is difference between Oracle 12c and 19c?

Oracle Database 18c is Oracle 12c Release 2 (12.2. 0.2). Oracle Database 19c is the long-term support release, with premier support planned through March 2023 and extended support through March 2026. Oracle 19c is essentially Oracle 12c Release 2 (12.2.

What are the new features in Oracle 12c for developers?

12 Things Developers Will Love About Oracle Database 12c Release…

  • Looooooooooong Names.
  • Robust Code using Constants for Data Type Lengths.
  • Listagg Improved On Overflow.
  • Lightning Fast SQL with Real Time Materialized Views.
  • Fast Estimates with Approximate Query Enhancements.
  • Verify Data Type Conversions.

Is Oracle 11g end of life?

From the 31st December 2020, Oracle are stopping extended support on 11g database. This could have a huge impact on your business if you’re running 11g, as you’ll no longer be supported. This carries a significant risk to your business continuity and performance, should you encounter a significant database incident.

Is Oracle 10g end of life?

Premier Support for these externally-integrated Oracle Application Server 10g components will end in December 2010. You should plan on upgrading these components to their Fusion Middleware 11g equivalents before December 2010.

What are the new features in Oracle 12c?

1.1 Advanced Index Compression.

  • 1.2 Approximate Count Distinct.
  • 1.3 Attribute Clustering.
  • 1.4 Automatic Big Table Caching.
  • 1.5 FDA Support for CDBs.
  • 1.6 Full Database Caching.
  • 1.7 In-Memory Aggregation.
  • 1.8 In-Memory Column Store.
  • What does G stand for in Oracle 10g?

    Grid Computing
    Oracle 10g, 11g Starting in 2003 with version 10g and 11g, G signifies “Grid Computing” with the release of Oracle10g in 2003. Oracle 10g was introduced with emphasis on the “g” for grid computing, which enables clusters of low-cost, industry standard servers to be treated as a single unit.

    What is Oracle full form?

    Full Form of Oracle » Oak Ridge Automatic Computer and Logical Engine. Oracle Stands for Oak Ridge Automatic Computer and Logical Engine . Oracle is a technology company that specializes in database software.

    What is IG and C in Oracle version?

    Oracle 10g was introduced with emphasis on the “g” for grid computing, which enables clusters of low-cost, industry standard servers to be treated as a single unit. Oracle 12c. In the Oracle Database 12c the “c” stands for “Cloud”

    Is Oracle 12c end of life?

    As such, Oracle 12c users will have known for a while that the Premier Support comes to an end on 30th November 2020 (although there is a Limited Error Correction Period which runs to 31st March 2022 – see here for details Oracle Lifetime Support Policy).

    What is deprecated in Oracle 19c?

    Starting with Oracle Database 19c, customer use of the SERVICE_NAMES parameter is deprecated. It can be desupported in a future release. The use of the SERVICE_NAMES parameter is no longer actively supported. It must not be used for high availability (HA) deployments.

    What are the new features of Oracle 12c database?

    Oracle Database 12c New Features – Part I

    • Online migration of an active data file.
    • Online table partition or sub-partition migration.
    • Invisible column.
    • Multiple indexes on the same column.
    • DDL logging.
    • Temporary undo in- and- outs.
    • New backup user privilege.
    • How to execute SQL statement in RMAN.

    What are some features of Oracle Cloud 12c?

    Robust and Extensible Architecture.

  • Cloud Control Console Enhancements.
  • Group and System Enhancements.
  • Reporting Enhancements.
  • Security.
  • Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface With Scripting Option.
  • EM CLI Tracking and Setup.
  • Support for Properties for Enterprise Manager Administrators.
  • What is 11gR2?

    Oracle 11gR2 is the second and terminal release of the Oracle 11g database. The common theme for this release is “Consolidate.

    Is Oracle 11c still supported?

    Details: 31-March 2021: Extended Support ends (was 31-Dec 2020) 1-April 2021 through 31-Dec 2022: MDS available with paid ACS contract.

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