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What are the states in Honduras?

What are the states in Honduras?

Departments of Honduras: El Paraíso (Yuscarán), Francisco Morazán (Tegucigalpa), Gracias a Dios (Puerto Lempira), Intibucá (La Esperanza), Islas de la Bahía (Roatán), La Paz (La Paz), Lempira (Gracias), Ocotepeque (Nueva Ocotepeque), Olancho (Juticalpa), Santa Bárbara (Santa Bárbara), Valle (Nacaome), and Yoro (Yoro).

How many states has Honduras?

18 departments
Honduras is divided into 18 departments (Spanish: departamentos). Each department is headed by a governor, who is appointed by the President of Honduras.

What are two major cities in Honduras?

Which Are The Biggest Cities In Honduras?

Rank City/Town Population
1 Tegucigalpa 1,126,534
2 San Pedro Sula 638,259
3 Choloma 222,828
4 La Ceiba 174,006

What state in Honduras is Roatan?

Roatán, town, northern Honduras, on the southwestern coast of Roatán, largest of the Bay Islands; it is known locally as Coxen’s Hole.

What race are you if you are from Honduras?

About 90% of Hondurans identify as mestizo, which is a person of mixed European (de facto Spanish) and Amerindian ancestry. Honduras, like many Latin American nations, embraces this as sort of the national standard, defining the identity of a nation with mixed European and Amerindian heritage.

What is the nicest city in Honduras?

Cayos Cochinos – one of the best places to explore in Honduras. What is this? The Cayos Cochinos are gorgeous pristine islands off the north coast. They are only accessible via boat from Roatan, Utila, or La Ceiba.

What is Honduras main source of income?

The economy of Honduras is based mostly on agriculture, which accounts for 14% of its gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013. The country’s leading export is coffee (US$340 million), which accounted for 22% of the total Honduran export revenues.

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