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What beers can I get in a 1/6 keg?

What beers can I get in a 1/6 keg?

Amber & Red Ale.

  • Belgian-Style Ale.
  • IPA.
  • New England Hazy IPA.
  • Pale Ale.
  • Stout.
  • Sour Ales.
  • Wheat Ale.
  • Does Guinness come in small kegs?

    Guinness launches new, world-first, single nitrogen dispense solution: “Guinness MicroDraught” Guinness’ biggest dispense innovation since the launch of the “widget” 30 years ago sees a “’keg’ so small, it comes in a can” enabling Guinness to be poured in new bars and restaurants.

    What size kegs does Guinness come in?

    Guinness Draught (13.5gal Keg)

    Can you buy Guinness in a keg?

    Thankfully, all you need to dispense a keg of Guinness (or any stout) at home is a Nitro stout system. There are a couple of options to get the Guinness flowing. A Guinness draught kegerator includes all necessary components.

    How many pints are in a Guinness keg?

    There are two sizes of Guinness kegs – 30 Liters (52+ pints) and 50 Liters (88+ pints).

    Does 1/6 keg have Guinness?

    Guinness – 1/6 Keg (Sixtel Keg) Tap/pump is not included. Please note Guinness requires a special tap that only works on Guinness, Harp, and a few other European kegs. Additionally, Guinness requires nitrogen to dispense properly. Pumps are NOT available for Guinness kegs.

    What does a keg of Guinness cost?

    Why Buy a Kegerator?

    Average Cost of Half Barrel Keg Average Cost of Case
    Coors Light: $94.75 $20
    Corona: $125.00 $26.50
    Michelob Ultra: $107.00 24.20
    Guinness: $167.00 $35

    What is the smallest Guinness keg?

    Guinness – 1/6 Keg (Sixtel Keg)

    What beer comes in sixth barrel?

    This Lost Abbey Serpents Stout is an imperial stout. 1/6 Keg….How Many Beers Is A 1/6 Keg?

    1/6 Barrel Pony Keg
    Also known as Sixth Barrel Sixtel Wine Keg Pony Keg Quarter Barrel

    What size kegs does Michelob Ultra come in?

    Michelob – Ultra 1/6 Keg (Sixtel Keg)

    How long will a Guinness keg last?

    If you keep your beer keg cold inside a kegerator that relies on CO2, it should last for six to eight weeks before it starts to taste flat. A pasteurized beer that’s kept chilled will last even longer, up to six months.

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