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What causes Kerberos pre-Authentication failed?

What causes Kerberos pre-Authentication failed?

This problem can occur when a domain controller doesn’t have a certificate installed for smart card authentication (for example, with a “Domain Controller” or “Domain Controller Authentication” template), the user’s password has expired, or the wrong password was provided.

What is error code 0x18?

0x18. Pre-authentication information was invalid. Usually means bad password.

How do I disable Kerberos authentication?

Disabling Kerberos authentication

  1. Log on to the host on which you want to disable Kerberos authentication.
  2. Edit ego. conf at EGO_CONFDIR to remove the EGO_AUTH_PLUGIN parameter. When you disable Kerberos, the message-integrity check is also disabled.

What does pre authenticated mean?

Pre-authenticated requests provide a way to let users access a bucket or an object without having their own credentials. Users continue to have access to the bucket or object as long as the creator of the request has permissions to access those resources.

What is DC error 675 (pre-authentication failed)?

When a user attempts to log on at a workstation and uses a valid domain account name but enters a bad password, the DC records event ID 675 (pre-authentication failed) with Failure Code 24.

What is Win2K event ID 675?

Win2K also logs event ID 675 when a user attempts to use a different username (i.e., a username other than the one he or she used for the current workstation logon) to connect to a server. For example, a user might try to use the Connect using a different user name feature to use someone else’s account to map a drive to a server.

How to determine the reason for the authentication failure?

Determine the reason for the authentication failure by checking Failure Code. TGT failures are usually due to a bad password or time synchronization between workstation and domain controller. If Failure Code indicates a bad password, how many failures exist for the same account?

What do the Kerberos event failure codes mean?

All Kerberos event failure codes correspond to the error codes defined by the Kerberos standard (RFC 1510 ). Click here for an explanation of failure codes. Check the User ID field.

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