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What did Thomas Fairfax do in the English Civil War?

What did Thomas Fairfax do in the English Civil War?

General Sir Thomas Fairfax was arguably the most important general of the British Civil Wars. As Commander-in-Chief of the New Model Army, he played a key role in defeating the Royalists. Yet, after the death of Oliver Cromwell, he was also instrumental in the Restoration of King Charles II.

Who was Fairfax in the Civil War?

Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord Fairfax of Cameron (17 January 1612 – 12 November 1671), also known as Sir Thomas Fairfax, was an English politician, general and Parliamentary commander-in-chief during the English Civil War.

What was Thomas Fairfax known for?

Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Baron Fairfax, (born Jan. 17, 1612, Denton, Yorkshire, Eng. —died Nov. 12, 1671, Nun Appleton, Yorkshire), commander in chief of the Parliamentary army during the English Civil Wars between the Royalists and Parliamentarians.

What did Lord Fairfax do?

Fairfax, West Virginia is named after him. Lord Fairfax Community College is also named after him. Lord Fairfax’s contribution to the founding of America was astounding. He helped contribute to the founding of the nation through his land surveying efforts carried out by a young George Washington.

Where is Fairfax in the UK?

Fairfax Academy (formerly Fairfax School) is a secondary school with academy status in The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, in north Birmingham. The school was established in 1959….

Fairfax Academy
Motto Sinceritas Laboris
Established 1959
Founder Mr G Philpott
Local authority Birmingham

How did Lord Fairfax get his land?

After a brief stint at Oriel College, Oxford, an officer’s commission in the British army, and a youth spent largely partying in London and hunting in the countryside, Fairfax was brought to earth by his mother’s insistence that he sell much of the Fairfax estates in England to liquidate his father’s debts.

Who granted Lord Fairfax the stone?

It took almost 100 years before a descendant of Sir John Culpeper, Thomas Sixth Lord Fairfax, converted the king’s gift into clear title. That 1649 gift from Charles II ended up as the biggest successful land speculation in Virginia, ultimately involving 5.2 million acres.

Where did the Fairfax family live?

The Fairfax family of Fairfax County, Virginia, lived in a splendid brick mansion called Belvoir on the Potomac River four miles downstream from Mount Vernon.

Where did Fairfax get its name?

The City of Fairfax Fairfax County, named for Thomas, the Sixth Lord Fairfax, whose family’s land grant included all of Northern Virginia, was formed in 1742.

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