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What do cartridge emulators do?

What do cartridge emulators do?

Enter Race Tech Emulators. They mimic the action of cartridge forks, which replace the holes in damper rods with valves that provide damping at low fork speeds, and open up to let oil through at high speeds, preventing hydraulic lock.

How do I fit fork Emulator?

SELECT THE EMULATOR SIZE TO FIT INTO THE FORK TUBE – The outer diameter of the Emulator must be smaller than the inner diameter of the fork tube by at least 0.75mm (0.030″). It can be as much as 4mm (0.160″) smaller.

How do damping rod forks work?

A damping-rod fork is fairly simple: all that happens is oil is shoved through fixed orifices. This type of damping is call “velocity-squared” damping. The faster the wheel moves vertically, the more oil is shoved through the holes. This is an important point.

What is Gold Valve Emulator?

GOLD VALVE CARTRIDGE EMULATORSĀ® Damping Rod style forks are notorious for being both too harsh, too mushy and too easy to bottom. Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators remedy this problem by controlling the damping with a tuneable valve that sits on top of the damping rod and is held in place by the main spring.

What do fork valves do?

PD fork valves take the control of compression damping away from the damping rod; once fitted, it will be controlled by the spring preload you set on the valve. They don’t make a difference to rebound damping though this can be managed with the oil, which will provide more or less rebound depending on its viscosity.

What do Race Tech Gold Valves do?

Gold ValvesĀ® are Race Tech’s Custom Valving Kits. They are designed to break through the limitations of stock piston designs. Research has shown that the stock piston ports induce unnecessary harshness. Gold Valves are designed to reduce piston restriction so harshness is dramatically reduced.

Are pitted forks an MOT failure?

MOT Requirements Not only are damaged and underperforming forks dangerous on the road, they are also an MOT failure. The conditions of the MOT test require that: There should be no oil visible on the fork tube or leaking down the slider around the fork oil seal areas. The forks must be adequately dampened.

What is cartridge fork?

The technology that has superseded the damping-rod fork in sportbikes and a few cruisers is called a cartridge fork. One or both fork legs carry a small cylinder inside the lower section that is, basically, an open-chamber shock absorber. A piston slides through this cartridge, which is submerged in the fork oil.

How do I stop my rider from sagging?

Add preload to reduce the sag and remove preload to obtain a higher rider sag figure. One full rotation of the preload adjuster on the front fork usually changes the sag by 1mm. 10. Repeat the measurements and check that the preload adjustment has had the desired effect.

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