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What do hatched lines indicate?

What do hatched lines indicate?

The hatching lines differentiate the areas which are cut and those areas which are not cut by the cutting plane. The purpose of showing the hatching lines is to tell the observer as to where exactly the imaginary cutting plane cuts the material of the object, as it slices/passes through the object.

Which type of line is used as hatching?

Hatching (hachure in French) is an artistic technique used to create tonal or shading effects by drawing (or painting or scribing) closely spaced parallel lines.

What does hatching lines look like?

When hatching is used, the lines drawn generally go in the same direction and are mostly parallel with each other. Sometimes, the lines may curve slightly or even a great bit depending on the contours of the object. Lines of this nature are referred to as cross contour lines.

What is Patch hatching?

Patch Hatching Create small sets of interlocking lines, varying the angle of each set. Draw small sets of interlocking lines, changing the direction of each set. Darken areas by adding cross hatching sets over the first lines.

What is hatched area?

For hail, a “hatched area” means hailstones 2-inches in diameter or larger are possible. A “hatched area” for damaging wind means winds of hurricane force (74 mph) or faster are possible.

What does cross-hatching indicate in a section drawing?

In engineering drawing, cross-hatching is the equivalent of painting something red. It is used to show the internal details of parts which otherwise would become too complex to show or dimension. The cross-hatch lines are usually equi-spaced and, for small parts, cover the whole of the ‘red’ cut area.

Why do we use 45 degrees for hatching lines?

Hatching lines do not cross each other and they appear parallel to each other mostly at an angle of 45°. They are used to showcase the linear drawings in a better perspective and different between various shades of light on the object drawn.

What causes a hatched area?

But what do the hatched road markings (chevrons) mean? Hatched markings are an area of stripes painted across the road, usually painted in white. Their function is to separate streams of traffic; particularly those approaching from opposite directions.

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