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What do Tronox mine?

What do Tronox mine?

Tronox Holdings plc is one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality titanium products, including titanium dioxide pigment, specialty-grade titanium dioxide products and high-purity titanium chemicals; and zircon.

What is mined at Cataby?

Cataby mine is a large ilmenite deposit, with associated zircon and rutile. The mine produces two streams; an ilmenite rich concentrate for cleaning and upgrading to synthetic rutile at Capel, and a zircon/rutile rich concentrate for separation at Narngulu.

What does fairbreeze mine mine?

Fairbreeze produces high-quality ilmenite to feed the smelters at Tronox KZN Sands Central Processing Complex (CPC), as well as zircon, rutile, and other mining co-products.

Where is tronox located?

Stamford, Connecticut
Tronox Limited is an American worldwide chemical company involved in the titanium products industry with approximately 7,000 employees….Tronox.

Type Public company
Industry Mining; chemical manufacturing
Founded 2006
Headquarters Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.

Is tronox Australian?

Tronox’s operations in Western Australian represent the world’s largest integrated titanium dioxide project. The joint venture was established in 1988. Since then, Tronox has become the only integrated company that mines, separates, refines, and manufactures titanium dioxide products in Western Australia.

Is tronox a mining company?

Tronox Holdings plc is a vertically integrated mining and inorganic chemical business. The company mines and processes titanium ore, zircon and other minerals, and manufactures titanium dioxide pigments that add brightness and durability to paints, plastics, paper and other everyday products.

What do they mine in Mtunzini?

The main product of the mine situated near Mtunzini, 45 km south-west of Richards Bay, is titanium dioxide, most of which will be supplied to Tronox’s own US, Dutch and Australian plants producing pigment, an ingredient of paint and plastics.

Who is tronox owned by?

Tronox was spun out of Kerr-McGee Corp in 2005, and in 2019 it acquired the titanium dioxide business of Saudi Arabia’s National Titanium Dioxide Company Ltd from Saudi Arabia’s Tasnee. Tasnee, through a subsidiary, is now Tronox’s biggest shareholder with a 24% stake.

What region is muchea in?

Muchea is a suburb of the Shire of Chittering. Its postcode is 6501. The town’s name comes from the Aboriginal word “Muchela” which means in Nyoongar ‘water hole’, referring to the abundance of water in Muchea.

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