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What do you mean by commerce teacher?

What do you mean by commerce teacher?

Commerce education is that area of education which develops the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for the handling of Trade, Commerce and Industry. The recent commerce education has emerged in the form of Chartered Accountant, Cost and works accountant, Company secretary and Business administrator.

What is the commerce education?

Commerce education provides an in-depth knowledge of trade and aids to trade as well as trains the people to work in different functional areas of business. It is recognized as one of the critical elements of the national development due to its vital importance in fostering trade and industry.

What is the characteristics of commerce teacher?

(i) He must be an active member of parent-teacher association. (ii) He should be actively interested in community activities. (iii) He should be interested in student’s clubs and other school Activities. (i) He should have knowledge of equipments of business and industry.

What is the importance of teaching commerce?

Importance of Commerce Education It has been developed to provide aids to the growing manpower needs in thousands of business enterprises. Commerce education equips students with specialised skills that come useful in tackling problems in different functional areas of commerce, industry and trade.

What is commerce education in India?

Generally Commerce includes exchange of goods and services and the things which ease them. In India commerce education is playing an important role in boosting the economy. Commerce students get the places in various sectors like banking, insurance, finance, foreign trade etc.

What is the goal of commerce education?

The main purpose of commerce education is to provide knowledge about the commerce and to prepare the student for vocational competency including training and development of skill.

How can I become a good commerce teacher?

the qualification needed to become a commerce teacher is that the candidate should be qualified in their stream like in commerce (….schools (KVs, NVs etc) then :

  1. You should have Post Graduate degree or Masters.
  2. You should have B. Ed degree.
  3. You must have to clear Central Teachers Eligibility Test or CTET.

Which is the best method of teaching commerce?

ADVERTISEMENTS: The term ‘method’ can be thought of as the most effective and economic way of learning to take place among students. Communication of ideas and development of concepts in a precise manner based on a logical development of subject is the most important prerequisite in teaching a subject like commerce.

What are the principles of teaching commerce?

Basic Principles of a Good Lesson Plan

  • Clarity of Objectives.
  • Knowledge of the Subject.
  • General knowledge of all subjects.
  • Knowledge of the principles and strategies of teaching.
  • Knowledge of student’s Nature.
  • Clarity about previous knowledge.
  • Knowledge of the class level.
  • Division of Units.

What are the aim of commerce education?

Commerce education is aimed at giving adequate knowledge about the wholesale trade, retail, export trade, import trade and entire- port trade. More-over it provides some knowledge about the movement of goods etc., Transport, Communication Insurance, Ware-housing, Money, Banking & Finance and Mercantile Agencies.

What is the commerce subject?

For both Class 11 and 12 Commerce students, the five subjects that are mandatory are – Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics/ Informatics Practices and English. Apart from these subjects, optional subject are Entrepreneurship and Physical Education.

What is the meaning of Commerce Education?

Meaning of Commerce Education  So,  According to C.V.Good, “ Business Education is 1. That area of education which develops skills, attitudes and understanding essential for the successful direction of business relationships.  2. An area of study dealing with the principles and practices of teaching business subjects”. 6.

What is the role of a commerce teacher?

Commerce teacher is a jack of all trades: perhaps he is the only person who is expected to teach all the subjects. Like commerce, banking, entrepreneurship, business management, or sometimes economics as a compulsory subject even if he or she may be interested in accountancy.

What are the recent trends in commerce education?

The recent commerce education has emerged in the form of Chartered Accountant, Cost and works accountant, Company secretary and Business administrator. Commerce education is a totally different from other disciplines. Hence, it must charter new routes to service the aspirations of the nation.

What is the relevance of Commerce and management education in India?

The relevance of commerce education has become more imperative, this means a marked change in the way commerce and management education is perceived in India. Through teaching, research, and service, the College of Commerce is dedicated to developing tomorrow’s leaders, managers, and professionals.

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