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What do you mean by predators?

What do you mean by predators?

: an animal that lives mostly by killing and eating other animals.

How do you pronounce Inuit names?

ŋ is a sound similar to the “ng” in the word “sing.” q is a “uvular” sound, a sound that comes from the very back of the throat….Inuit Nipingit—Inuit Sounds.

Inuktitut Term Pronunciation Meaning
atii a-TEE come on
Atiq A-tiq name, meaning “name”
Atiqanngituq a-ti-QANG-ngit-tuq name, meaning “nameless”

What is opposite of predator?

Opposite of a rapacious or predatory person. prey. benefactor. philanthropist. supporter.

Is a lion a predator?

Lions are fierce predators that often stalk their prey before attacking. Their attacks cause prey to panic and disperse, allowing the lions to isolate and attack a weaker or slower individual. By hunting together, lions are able to exhaust and kill their prey.

How do you say beautiful in Inuit?

In a flood of responses to a post on Nunatsiaq News’ Facebook page, most Inuit say the word beautiful translates as “piujuq” or “pinniqtuq” in the Nunavut or Nunavik dialects of Inuktitut.

What do you call a person who preys on others?

a person who habitually preys upon others.

What is the predator of humans?

Although human beings can be attacked by many kinds of animals, man-eaters are those that have incorporated human flesh into their usual diet and actively hunt and kill humans. Most reported cases of man-eaters have involved lions, tigers, leopards, polar bears, and large crocodilians.

What animal eats a tiger?

Because of their size and strength, adult tigers don’t have many predators. Humans are predators of this animal. Elephants and bears can also pose a threat to them.

What would eat a bear?

Tigers, wolves, cougars, bobcats, coyotes, and humans eat bears, but these predators only focus on bear cubs rather than adult bears. The adult bears are too aggressive and dangerous to prey on – obviously a reason they are at the top of the food chain.

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