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What do you put on a hot spot on a puppy?

What do you put on a hot spot on a puppy?

Treatment for Hot Spots

  • Clipping the hair around the area to prevent matting.
  • Cleaning the affected area with gentle antiseptic solutions such as chlorhexidine.
  • Bathing with a chlorhexidine shampoo for dogs.
  • Prescribing topical or oral antibiotics to treat secondary bacterial infections.

What is the best thing to put on a dog’s hot spot?

Clean the skin with a mild, water-based antiseptic spray or wipe, like Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS pads, or an antibacterial shampoo. Apply a veterinary-recommended hot spot treatment spray that is safe if ingested. One example is Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Pet Hot Spot Spray.

What causes hot spots on puppies?

A hot spot is caused by an initial traumatic incident, usually the result of conditions which prompt pets to scratch. Underlying causes include allergic skin disease, anal sacculitis, demodicosis, or other itchy skin conditions.

What do vets give for hot spots?

And of course, regular baths, brushing, and grooming help keep a dog’s skin healthy and free of potential irritants that could lead to a hot spot. If your dog is prone to hot spots, or dry and itchy skin, your vet might recommend a daily fish oil supplement to provide skin-soothing omega-3 fatty acids.

What can I put on my dogs hot spot at home?

Clean the infected hot spot area with a non-irritating solution, such as an antiseptic liquid soap, antiseptic spray or a mild soap, and warm water. Pat dry and allow it to dry completely before applying medication.

What home remedy is good for hot spots on dogs?

Natural Remedies for Hot Spots

  1. Trim and clean the affected area.
  2. Apply calming oatmeal baths, tea bag packs, or an all-natural balm made for dogs.
  3. Cover the area with a clean bandage or gauze.
  4. Use an Elizabeth collar or dog cone.

Can I put Neosporin on a dog’s hot spot?

Treatments for Hot Spots Your vet needs to determine the underlying cause of the hot spots so you can be proactive in preventing in the future. Do NOT use human medications such as Neosporin, Hydrocortisone, and Vaseline! Some human topical treatments contain ingredients that are toxic to pets when licked or ingested.

What home remedy can I use for my dogs hot spots?

Apply a soothing treatment For a natural approach, try raw aloe or apply a cool chamomile tea bag to the infected area. If you choose to use a cream or spray, make sure it’s pet-safe and veterinarian approved, like this hot spot spray for dogs by Great Life.

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