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What does a Sonic Maximizer do?

What does a Sonic Maximizer do?

The BBE SM500 Sonic Maximizer is an all-analog modular single-channel signal processor designed to be used specifically with 500 series rack made by many manufacturers today. It provides processing for a mono channel, brightening, clarifying, and adding fullness to the sound.

Is the BBE Sonic Maximizer a preamp?

BBE Acoustimax Acoustic Instrument Preamp Pedal with Full Featured Sonic Maximizer.

What is BBE sound effect?

BBE High Definition Sound is an advanced professional and broadcasting sound enhancement technology that recovers the clarity of sound by compensating for the differences that occur in speakers and headphones. The BBE process is widely known as one of the most advanced in the recording world.

What does a Sonic Maximizer do for bass?

But what is a sonic maximizer? It is not an aural exciter because it is not synthesizing new sounds, rather it is changing the phase of the input signals and then limiting them. Effectively this makes the bass boomier and the treble more sizzly.

Where does Sonic Maximizer go in chain?

Per BBE, the Sonic Max should be as far down the signal chain as possible (before the power amp). If the RBI feeds the power amp (FX loop return) of your Ampeg, put it after the RBI. If the RBI feeds the main input of the Ampeg, put the BBE in the amp’s FX loop.

Where does BBE Sonic Maximizer go in signal chain?

What does the BBE Sonic Stomp do?

With Sonic Stomp’s proprietary BBE Sonic Maximizer technology, you’ll hear your amp cut through the band mix better with dramatically improved note definition in chords and solos. Even with a wall of distortion, the distinct harmonic elements of each note can be heard like never before.

What does BBE Sonic Stomp do?

The Sonic Stomp is a pedal version of the acclaimed BBE Sonic Maximizer rackmount processor, providing dramatically improved clarity and definition to sound thanks to its proprietary BBE audio technology.

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