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What does ATP stand for in aviation?

What does ATP stand for in aviation?

Airline Transport Pilot
For most pilots, the final milestone before beginning your airline pilot career is obtaining the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. This is the highest level of pilot certificate obtainable and a remarkable achievement.

What does PA mean in aviation?

Public/Passenger Announcement
PA – Public/Passenger Announcement.

What does GA stand for in aviation?

General Aviation (GA) is defined by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as “all civil aviation operations other than scheduled air services and non-scheduled air transport operations for remuneration or hire”.

What is FAM flight?

A Fam Flight is essentially a regular flight lesson where you will be flying under the supervision of a Flight Instructor.

How much is an intro flight at ATP?

The Admissions Flight costs $195, which you will pay by credit card over the phone when you schedule. You can also qualify for a free Admissions Flight when your financing loan application is approved.

What is an ATO aviation?

An ATO is an Approved Training Organisation. They are approved to deliver flight training by a ‘competent authority’. These competent authorities set strict rules and standards that training providers are examined against.

What does BC mean in aviation?

Appendix 3. Abbreviations/Acronyms

Abbreviation/Acronym Meaning
BBS Bulletin Board System
BC Back Course
BECMG Becoming group
C/A Coarse Acquisition

What does CSM stand for in aviation?

CSM. Cabin Service Manager. Flight, Technology, Cabin.

What are the abbreviations used in airlines?

List of Aviation Abbreviations

Abbreviations Term
AMHS Aeronautical Message Handling System
AMSL Above Mean Sea Level
ANS Air Navigation Services
ANSP Air Navigation Service Provider

How do you get a FAM flight?

Familiarization Flight can be booked on Introductory Flight page or by contacting our dispatch team directly. They will help you to book an airplane and instructor.

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