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What does Borkuls key open?

What does Borkuls key open?

In Cidhna Mine it opens the door to the area where Madanach’s cell is. Cannot be dropped.

Where does Borkul the Beast go?

If he has not been killed during the escape from the Cidhna Mine and the battle in Markarth, he can be found in Druadach Redoubt with the other Forsworn.

How do I get the key to Cidhna Mine?

You cannot pickpocket the key or otherwise escape. The mine has six silver ore veins, but only five during the quest, and some respawning silver ingots in the guards’ entrance. In order to access the mine other than during the “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine” quest, you must be arrested in Markarth and ask to go to jail.

Where is Madanach’s key?

Found. Carried by Madanach. It can either be obtained from him willingly, or looted from his corpse.

Can you beat Borkul the Beast?

You’ll find out that he has a body guard named Borkul the Beast. There are several ways to get past Borkul, you can go get a shiv (small, concealable weapon) for him, or you can try to intimidate him or pursuade him, or you can challenge him to a brawl, all achieve the same result.

Can Eltrys marry?

Rhiada is married to Eltrys. If the Dragonborn starts “The Forsworn Conspiracy” quest and talks to Eltrys, they will find out that she is pregnant. However, there is no script of this in the game, as Rhiada does not appear to be pregnant or ever have the baby in the game.

How do you get a key for Markarth ruins?

Madanach carries a key which unlocks the cell adjoining his and opens up into the ruins. This is the route used during the escape from the mine.

Can you sneak into Cidhna Mine?

Cidhna Mine is supposed to be the toughest prison in Skyrim, you can’t break into or out of it. Like all the other prisons in the game, you can sneak in to the evidence chest and steal back the stuff that the guards took from you when they arrested you.

Can you find Madanach after quest?

If he survives after you complete the quest No One Escapes Cidhna Mine, he will go to Druadach Redoubt along with his fellow escapees. The generic Forsworn at that location will also become friendly after this quest is completed. If talked to at this point, Madanach will remark, “Ah, my friend from Cidhna Mine. Hello.

Can you lose a brawl in Skyrim?

A brawl may end if interfered with by some other hostile enemy, such as a dragon attack or even a wild animal. When this occurs, the wager is lost. It is possible that the opponent will run off to another section, and when caught up with, start using weapons and spells.

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